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Special Skills for Holiday Stress

What are the skills you've learned to deal with Holiday Stress?
The Old Me, just pops an extra pain pill. The New Me is taking the steps to learn to deal with 1. People stopping by (pop a pill)
Need to stay up past my bedtime, back hurting,head pounding.people won't leave,I think I know this one from previous clean time : excuse yourself, say I want to go to bed. Have another, drink, smoke whatever their doing that I don't do.
Have to do a ton of chores, housekeeper can't come ( pop a pill)
   I must learn the coping skills to stay on the taper schudule. Thank you. Pamela
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Hi Pam..Well we do not do holidays any more around here so the stress of that is not my issue.. My new coping skills at 441 days later was to just let it be. Like my Drug use for over 40 years was to get Buzzed up and go to work and come home and do all the work inside and out and have it all done like NOW. I had to finally "Mellow" out at the age 57 and know it will get done in its own time. I do keep my house up but not the deep cleaning as much as I did. I take baby steps in getting this done. My BIGGEST Triggers are if I want to get somethings done and do it all at once, I lack a lot in the Energy area. I then think of a drug that will get me going..SO be that said, I look at this as all material things and if I use and die what would it matter..It does drive me crazy not to be able to get it all done like I would like to..BUT I do my best. That is my big thing I had to change besides my Playmates and my old Playground..lol
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I try not to get caught up in all of the commercialism of the holidays. I savor the quit moments and like VICouragous said: "take baby steps in getting this done". Take it one step at a time and always put your recovery first. If it gets too much, then take some time to mellow out and do what you enjoy:)
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So in essence you are both saying, do less enjoy it more. I like it.
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