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Starting over

Well its a brand new day, must get my mind right.....does anyone know of any good music or uplifting music that can help me raise my mood?  I usually Jam some christian rock when I feel down,  today is another day one of being sober, my tolerance is down so low that there will be little or no W/D thank god!  last weekend was HELL!!!  I need to be finished for good this time, I am on the right track, just need to find the right train
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Well I usually  rock out to havy metal,lol so I can't help you much with music. Stick with what works-christian music is very uplifting and inspires hope. Stay strong...proud of you!!!
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"unstoppable" and "stand" by rascal flatts :-)
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I'm hard rock.....or hip hop, ran, some heavy metal, so I'm like Tom I can't help u much.....but I know a lot of the country singers are doing a lit of up lifting songs...might to check some of them...music is my salvation...lol..
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Oh my iPhone can type words I don't know let alone want... But it can't put in the words I leave out???......geeshhh...  
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