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Stomach/Abdominal Pain

Hi all.
Does anyone know of ANY product, non-narcotic, that will relieve some or all of this intense abdominal pain?  This is so bad I'm taking 2.5mg perc (1/4 pill) at bedtime so I can sleep.  Kinda insane if you ask me.  Even 2.5 is keeping some of the w/d symtoms active.  

So if anyone has had any level of success w/anything otc, PLEASE let me know.

Tx in advance
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there is something but I can't think of the name of it. Can I suggest you call the drug store? They will know.

Also, you are taking perc's for the stomach problems? Do you know what is causing the stomach problems?
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Um... yeah.  w/d.  From what I've read here and many other places, stomach/abdominal pain is a very normal w/d symptom.  I suppose its possible its something else, but I think the chances are extremely small.  I don't believe in coincidences.  Its between a 7 & and an 8 on the pain scale today, was 9 yesterday.  So its getting better I guess.  At least for now.  Just talked to a nurse at my Docs and he wants me to go to the ER for tests.  I'll tell them no morphine just the tests, but what a collossal waste of time to find out its only w/d symptoms.

I'll call the pharm. now and see what they say.

Good idea IB.  Tx
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Oh..now I understand. I had cramps during w/d also. BAD cramps. I agree that it is probably the w/d, but why don't you have it checked..just in case. I don't believe in coincidences either, but it sounds like the pain is pretty intense.

Let us know you make out hun.....
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How long did your cramps last?  Days?  Weeks?
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Only about 5 days. It was associated with diarhea (sp?). My stomach went nuts! But, it did go away. the only thing I took was immodium. Are you taking it? It did help me with the cramps although, as I said, there is something else available.
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i agree with ibkleen ..one of the worst parts of my w/d was stomach cramps..i think the meds do so much damage to our intestines..i stayed constipated while on them, and i think after they just don't know how to work anymore...i felt like i had a baby moving..lol...it took a long time for my stomach to stop hurting..I think once the toxins were all out it got better...
hope you find some releif
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yes the cramps are bad, i've had them for a few days, i'm on day 5 and they and they are better. i drank lots of ginger ale, even a  beer and i dont like beer anything to burp seemed to give some relief. i tried pepto and such but that all came back up.. it will go away i'm sure (hoping).
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If it is stomach cramps unrelated to the act of going to the toilet (as opposed to bowel cramps due to diarrhea) try Buscopan - I don't know if it is availble in the States over the counter, but this is what they were giving me in detox years and years ago, available over the counter. Here is a link


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does it feel like your bowels?  If you have an imaginary line dividing your belly into 4 quadrants, is it in the right lower quadrant? or more in the middle?
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