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Suboxone/Subutex Live Chat Room?

Hi, I hear so many people with questions and who just want to talk to someone who is going through something similar   to what they are going through and I've looked everywhere but there doesn't seem to be an such thing. Sometimes I just want to talk to someone right now (not wait for their response which may never come). There are lots of people trying to get off of this medication or just having questions about it and I can't understand why someone wouldn't start a chat room for us :)  Laura xx
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thats a good idea i know what your saying,you want a response before the moment passes.i cant seem to find such a room.chris
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Hi Chris,
I guess they didn't like the idea of a chat room. How are you doing?
Laura :)
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I'm new to these forums but i think that chatting with others would b awesome :) being able to tell my story and hear others ...there aren't a lot of na in my small town snd i can hardly afford the two sub meetings a month i go to :(
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my fiancé has been nothing but hell to deal with. but he told me subutex makes it so if you use opiates you will get sick.is this true.  I don't know about this particular drug. I have been clean since 08 and I did suboxone and methadone. so those two are the ones I know about. im pretty positive he is lying to me so i'd really appreciate someone's output on this
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Hi, the thing about suboxone is this. When you are taking ANY more than two milligrams, you are overloading you blood with it. Your body will not absorb it all at once. SO,  if your Sub levels are all over the place..so are you. Moods change rapidly, unprovoked anger, loss of motivation, paranoia. It is VERY important to keep the levels right in the blood because when it gets high look out. You will definitely get sick if you take pills or heroin along with Suboxon but , Suboxone itself has veryveryveryvery high abuse rate. If he's trying to quit something and does ...good for him, but if it gets worse get the damn suboxone out
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i have been on suboxone 2mg for 5 years. i and my dr. have tried to wean me down without success. now, with the federal laws out of control, they are making it sooo difficult for regular, no funny business people to fill their prescriptions except on the 30th day exactly. im so tired of being treated like a criminal everytime i walk into a pharmacy!!! anyone else?
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I was wondering if anyone can plz tell me how long after taking an opiate do u have to wait to take suboxone?  I was told u can't take it right away or it would have no effect.  Unless I was misinformed.  Any input would be appreciated as I am newly prescribed suboxone for pain to try and get off of oxycodone and oxycontin.  Thanx in advance.
I was told 18 to 24 hours after your last use or you will go into full blown rattle.
My doctor cleared me to start suboxone between 1 and 2 days of when I last took oxycodone. 1st dose was 4mg of suboxone.
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   I was only recently prescribed suboxone however,  I have had that same problem with my xanax, my oxycodone, and my oxycontin. Yet the pharmacy will fill my Zoloft and my Seroquel twice in the same month. I didn't think my insurance would cover anything twice in one month but, yeah it wasn't a problem with my non- narcotic meds....silly and ridiculous if u ask me. The only reason I was even trying to fill all my meds early is because I was going on a two week cruise out of the country. So as I said it was no prob with the antidepressant and the antipsychotic... I ended up not even being able to enjoy my vacation because I was in pain the whole time..... I guess in the defense of the pharmacies, if so many people weren't selling their narcotic meds, nobody would have these issues.  That is after all the reason the DEA made the rules with narcotics.... Def unfarw to all those who ligetamately need their meds..
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I am so this chat has begun there are several questions that i hope someone had similar issues as my partner who has been on sub strips for 3yrs now and has slowly lost his libido
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Has anyone had this happen too their bed partners? Seriously have been hoping that at his early age of 40 he does not have too go on daily cialis or viagra just to have sexual thoughts and or need for sex.
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There's online NA chat rooms crowded as ever!
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