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Suboxone and drug test

My husband started suboxone a month ago and is doing really well, He is starting to get back on tract with his life and dig out of the hole that his oxy addiction had put him in.  He applied for a Job with a large company that does complete physicals before hire and a drug screen is part of that physical.  They have their own medical department so I'm not sure how high tech there testing is but I say pretty good.  They also do ramdom testing daily for all employees.  Does anyone have any idea if suboxone will show up on a drug screen.  He has a legit script but I was just wondering if it would show up at all.  He is on 3 8mg a day.  I know he really wants this job and I just hope that after getting on this tract to getting completely drug free this doesn't hold him back.  
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Good Morning!

He will probably test positive for opiates. I would be surprised if he didn't. I don't know how he feels about it, but honesty would be the best way to go with it. It usually is. He will need to explain that he is taking prescription meds and they may ask to see the prescription. He has some decisions to make for sure.

Good luck.
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from what i have been told by my sub doctor...they would need a special test specifically designed to test for the sub.  it should not show up on a regular drug screen...but i bet it would give you some more answers if you went to suboxone dot com    they might have the definate answer there for you...GL!
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Yes he will show Positive for opiates..bunephorine ( spelling)...is the opiate drug in Sub...

Anyhow i am of of the belief that people ( employers) need to be told just enough to satisfy their need to know..i WOULD NOT go spilling my guts to anyone like a future employer of something like a past drug problem..Its suicide in my opinion on getting the job...

i have taken as many drug screens as the next guy...the will give you some sort of questionaire and ask you are you taking any Drugs (prescription drugs)...answer truthfully ..yes and the name of the drug and beside it write prescribed if the space is not provided.....but thats it..DO NOT go spillig your guts there on the spot...

many times if you answer the question YES and tell what drug and this is all they find you will hear nothing more...majority of the time they are looking for illegal street drungs and people just not telling the truth..

You also have to remember if they do have a suspsicion on the drug SUB..We are living in a PRIVACY LAW NATION..so i would not exepct a BARRAGE of questions about his past history...cause fact is they just can't legally do it..

as long as he is honest on his pre-answers of the drugs he is on..their is a very HIGH chance of him passing this test with no issues..i am making no promises..but i would lay my bet down.

Good Luck.
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Thanks so much for your replies, we are going back to his Sub. Doc on Monday, so he will ask him as well.  I just know that one important part of him getting better is to remove himself from the enviroment and people who were apart of his addiction and the job he is currently in, there are people there that are still using.  He has done well since on the Sub but the Sub is just a temp. thing until he can get his life together and not need the "cruch" of the Sub.  But if he don't get out of the current enviroment then it could be a down fall to his recovery. And without another job lined up he can't just quit because we depend on his income.

Everything seems to be moving in the right direction and this job would be an answer to so many prayers finacially, a self esteem rebuilder for him, and a new enviroment.  I know that drug addtiction is everywhere but at this job they do radom drug testing where they daily pull a list of employee id numbers and they are to report wihin a few min to the the companys medical to be tested so that would also be an incentive for him to stay clean as well as the people who he is working with is less to have a drug problem.

He is not one to go spilling his guts about his issues b/c he is a very private person and doesn't want anyone to know what kind of mess he has got himself in.  I just did't want him to be judge right off the bat b/c it shows up or b/c even if it did show up and he has a script that they would know that sub. is used mainly to treat dependance and that cost him the chance at a job b/c he very, really overly qualified for the position.  I guess we'll just cross our fingers and hope for the best.  
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just so you know, wait2long is right
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yeah, i have passed all my drug screenings...my suboxone doctor told me there is a special test needed to test for suboxone...she will be using it on me at my next drug screening to make sure i am taking it and not selling it. i guess it will even tell her the dose i am taking by  the amount in my blood...somehow, i dont understand that yet, but i will next time i see her...LOL! i'll let ya know!
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does suboxone help with hydrocodone withdrawals?
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Jess you need to start a new thread. yes it helps but you might not want to take that wrought. It is a very strong drug and has w/d's that are just as bad or worse then hydrocodone if not used properly.
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