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Suboxone dose

Not really a question I just wanted to say if anybody is new to Suboxone and you have any questions ask me I've been on Suboxone for about ten years now and it has helped me so much to get my life back on track but if anybody wants to talk just message me
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Yeah just wait it's going to come  im on day 14 and not to be the bearer of bad news but it's hell I even was in a detox for 11 day came home feeling okay then wham been in bed for a week. But I do feel I'm turning the corner getting some sleep having some withdraws still but the prize is well worth it dont believe the lies that say its easy to get off of even tapering it's evil stuff they just want you hooked on something different it does serve it's purpose as in short term detox but it should not be taken long term just my opinion #Gointhrewit
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Suboxone was the last drug I came off of before getting clean.  24mg a day for 7 years!  I have to say it was the worst detox I've ever gone through and it took well over 30 days to come through.  Even  then, it was like riding a roller coaster of being ok, not being ok.  I tried to go back to work and usually only lasted 3/4 hours then had to go home.  Getting off subs is a beast but can be done!  Jan 1st I will clean from everything for 9 years!  You got this Goingthrewit!!!
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