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Tax question

Since taxes is a big point this election.

Without looking, do you know how much you paid in Federal taxes last year?

Would you be more upset anbout what is taken from you if you had the write Uncle Sam a check all at one time instead of paying a little with each paycheck?
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I do have to write a check to Uncle Sam and I hate it,(especially when I feel I have no say in how it's spent).  I found it so much easier to deal with when it was pulled in smaller increments from a weekly pay check.  No one to blame there but myself, as I am self employed.
Before I was self employed I wouldn't have known how much I was paying, but now I do. lol
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Most people don't know the answer to the first part of that question. To most it is all about paying additional or getting money back at the end of the year. Just the way the Feds want it to be!
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I spent about 15% in federal taxes last year and close to another 10% in state taxes for a total of 25% tax.  That does not include sales tax.  Our food and clothing are taxed in Utah.  We pay a yearly tax on our vehicles each year as well, and that money goes toward our roads.  They actually do take care of the roads and so I don't mind.
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Utah......Oh don't get me started on roads.  Our roads here locally are awful.  We have the worst County Commisioners ever.  I see them putting in fancy street lights, palm trees,and shrubs on the highway, and right next to them are huge pot- holes. Half of the shrubs they are putting in are going to cause accidents because they block your view. grrrrr  Just this morning I almost lost control of my truck after landing in a huge pot-hole. These guys are getting the boot this time.
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I understand about the roads. In Pennsylvania (Bucks County) the roads were horrible.  Pot holes everywhere especially after winter and it would take them forever to fill them.  When they would fill them, they would be filled so high that you had a bump to go over instead of a hole!  It was crazy. I'm sorry you have to go through that.  

People in Utah still complain abourt our roads and I think they're great!  They must not know what it's like to have them so horrible!  LOL!!!
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