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The last payment.

A child got out of bed in the morning and said to her momma,"Momma I had a dream about grandma dying." Her mother told her not to worry about it, that it was just a dream.

That afternon while having a nap her grandma quietly passed away

Momma was concerned that her daughter was prophetic but then decided it was just a coincidence.

A week later the daughter, upon rising from her bed,  walked into the kitchen and said,"Momma I had another dream, I dreamed that uncle Jake was in an accident and died."

The mother again said,"It's just a dream, don't take it to heart.

The following day her Uncle Jake was riding his bycicle to work when  a man in a passing car lost control drove into Jake and Jake was killed

This time momma began to worry because maybe, just maybe, her daughter could see into the future.

A month passed and then again after a night's sleep the daughter said to her momma,"Momma I dreamed that my daddy was going to die this morning while at work.

Momma phoned her husband at work and each time she did her husband ,to her relief answered.

That morning, just as momma was making herself a tea the door bell rang. She told her daughter to go and see who it was. When the daughter opened the door there was a policeman standing there with a grim look on his face.

"Is this about my father,? the girl asked asked.
" No," said the policeman, "It's the milkman, we just found him lying dead on your lawn!"
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Ths title,"Last payment," in the above post was in error. It should have been,"Oops!"  The above title is from another joke that wll come later.
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Keep em coming !
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hahahahahaha funny
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