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The master key

In life we keep finding our way back to the door.  They say one door closes and another opens.  If this is true then the opposite is true.  One door opens and another one closes.  We open these doors with the keys we collect.  When we are younger we get the keys from our parents.... if they have them.  We obtain the keys to unlock the simple locks.
Eventually we come to a door that we cannot open.  We stand at that door until we get given or prescribed the master key.
The master key is great.  It unlocks insecurity and boredom.  It unlocks fear and loneliness.  This works until our tolerance build up and the master key is worn down.  Then what do we do.  We are stuck at the same door we started at and the key doesn't work anymore.  We turn the key and push with all of our might but the door stays closed.  Insanity is onset because we keep trying the key and it does not work.  Over and over this occurs until that one day comes.....
The day when we give up and knock on the door.
We are poweress over addiction.  Knock on the door.
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That was really interesting to read!! Really awesome! I didn't get the end though? I quit trying the key, I quit pounding and I deffinetly quit knocking. I borded that door up and through away my broken key. I am NOT Powerless and never will be again! :))
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The story will have different meaning to anyone who reads it.  I like your attitude Krissy and I am glad you are still around :)
Missed you,
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Good post Dude  life has many doors...some I never care to go threw again and with time the keys where out and your out in the cold with no hope no way out and life seams hopeless untill you find the door to recovery  no mater how far down you are if you still have breath in your lungs  there is hope  if a old dope fiend like me can find the door out anyone can............Gnarly
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Missed you too! I'm glad to see you're back,and I hope you're well. I'm still just trying to find meaning to my life. People always say life's so much better and so much happier without using,I'm still trying to get there. Not easier and not happier yet. But it's only been a few months. So I'm sure one day it'll be better. :))
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The key is, I am not the Master. The door is not my door, it belongs to the spirit that drives me. I knock on the door, yet I must not expect it to open, unless it is my spirit that knocks. Surrendering to the mystery, wavering in my disbelief, and doing the right thing, no matter how it feels, those are the keys to my doors of perception. If I feed my spirit, it will open the doors in their time, the door will not open until my spirit is ready. Even in the height of my active addiction, I couldn't see how much it was affecting me, though it was clear to everyone, my mind was without a key. Even without much of mind left, when I fed my spirit surrender, the door was opened and I could see that which had been hidden. Drugs made me forget that my spirit moves mountains, a door is a small task, so I am eternally grateful to my spirit for keeping me alive long enough for me to be humbled, even as my mind had been missing for a long time. It was not the key to my mind I sought, but the keys my spirit possess, whether I can see them or not.

Great share buddy, in your heart are contained the keys to the Kingdom of God.
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Thanks for your post  it really does make one think.
I used to believe other people would answer the door and help me.
Now I'm learning that the only one on the other side of the door is me. The key is to give unconditionally. Volunteer ones time like we do here on medhelp. Always be of service. Think of ways to brighten other people's days. Then when the door opens a better version of me is standing there.
Ready to serve and to love. Maxy
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And you do it so well :)
Thanks for your response.  I knew I could count on you to make this analogy more complicated than I intended it to be lmao
Your awesome and so are you Maxy.
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That was the simple version, want me to really get into it? You can always count on me to analyze and overthink anything, no shortage of ideas in my attic. Let me try again.

Surrender is the key that has opened my door of acceptance. In the fleeting moment I gaze across the threshold, and I see in the distance, satisfaction in full bloom.

Note to self, "Keep it simple stupid, first things first."

Love you Bubby
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Hi there my long, but not lost friend!!!

I tried to come into Gods presence
I used all my keys at the lock
God gently and loving chided
"My child you didn't Knock"

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