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The process of Drying Out

Like the Desert Island post, the mindset is I'm going to regain my soul on a Desert Island. What do I bring?
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I couldn't possibly live without my music! PLUS I would have to take a few of my fellow MH buddies BC they will bring everything one could ever need and oh what a time that would be!
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Immodium, Ace bandages and a pillow.
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Lets see. When I went to Hawaii with little money, I bought a tarp, hammock, nails, and a machete. That was all my money, but I stayed half a year. So, I guess that is what I would take. I built a house around my hammock and covered it with the tarp and was nude most the time. All I needed was the machete to gather food. I miss living that way. By the way, I didn't use the machete to rob people, it was mostly to cut banana hands and coconuts and trees to build the house in the remote rainforest.
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Pencils & a pencil sharpener w paper, watercolors w paper.Neem oil. A poncho liner,bug net.heavy monofilament & needle. 2 pair shoes,hat,large container w top. Big flat water holder. ( can be placed in sun for hot water shower. Also use when setting up day camp for drinking water supply) I'd have to investigate,if Id bring soap or a dry Clorox type stuff. Knife.
I might bring a Bible. A spork( fork& spoon combo) afront pack & a back pack
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