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There are Obama smears going around on here in personal messages.

Anyone that recieved these smear e-mails should go to this site.

The independent fact-check site Snopes.com found that this smear is definitively "false," explaining that the smear "combines a good deal of supposition and some elaborate conspiracy theory" to support its lies. Check it out:


These smears often spread as part of a broader, shadowy strategy to scare people who aren't very familiar with Barack by spreading anonymous, false information and making him sound different. There's no mystery here, just hatred and divisiveness. The smears in this email are easily explained away by the facts.

For example, Barack and Michelle Obama paid for their education the same way millions of Americans do with student loans that took many years to pay offand after Senator Obama's two successful books.

There's no way to stop these misleading viral emails one-by-one, but together we can take the political process back from the shallow politics of deception and fear. We can all start by spreading the truth about Barack Obama.

Find out more about Barack's life and career:

Forward this email to everyone else who received the "Letter from Marlene" smear, then head to Fight The Smears to get details about more smears and see what else you can do:


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No, I won't shoot you, but there are many people who follow the Bible or Christian faith but are uneducated of what the Bible actually says, that's why the email is out there. to target those people
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Well bubbles - if I ever have to chose between the veracity of either the Bible or Nostradamus - -  shoot me if it even seems that I would give more weight to Nostradamus............................................  not that its not cute to read Nostradamus...
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There's an email going around about the whole Muslim/antichrist thing and that the book of revelations (in the Bible). It's used to scare people and it is very very untrue. The book of Revelations in the Bible does not say anything about Obama, it's confused with the revelations of the famous prophet Nostradamus. As I have read the Bible and the book of Revealtions, I was udderly disgusted when I opened up that email and what people can do to win a few votes based on someone's faith.
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It's getting so shameful what that "other guy" will do to win. And shame on anyone that passes such garbage around. It's one thing to get passionate about facts, it's whole other ball game to be conniving, underhanded and sleazy.
Homeland Security and other officials have received calls from people that are afraid that Palin is going to incite riots. To many wackos out there to be pushing such BS.
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