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Ok just because you are busy with family and BBQ's gives you no right not to check in with your family here!  Miss you brat.


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Thanks for finally contacting me. It was so sweet to hear from you. I hope you are doing well.  
Take care    Cathy
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"Thanks for FINALLY contacting me!"  Ionote you crack me up.
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Hi Tim,  luv ya lots!   You are never forgotten, you know that though, right?  Hang tough, hun.
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I love you too!!!  I was at the Cape all weekend and we had a clam/lobster bake on Monday. I am back home now and the kids start school tomorrow. I have missed you so much and will start to post again. I was having a difficult time with w/d's and felt I had nothing to offer. When I saw this post it made me once again want to start posting. I don't want to lose touch with you ladies. You know how much I appreciate all the encouragement and kind words. I see we still have the lurkers putting in their 2 cents worth. My only statement "Get a Real Life" and mind your business, lol.

Love ya gals,

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Hey honey, I have been worried too. We have all missed you. I hope that you are well. ANd I am in the same boat with the w/d...ugh, it is a nightmare. I miss ya bud and hope all is good..

xo, Lisa
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Hi honey,

It is so great to see you!  Are you ok?  How many days has it been?


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sorry about that, hit the enter key instead of the tab key.  so glad to hear from you.  was worried about you when i didn't see you in here for a couple weeks.  take care, brother.  still praying for you.

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Thanks so much sweety. I really appreciate all your prayers. I took a little break and it seemed to have helped with my w/d's. I am still weak about the pills though. Keep up the good work!!!!

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Hi Tim How are you doing? Its good to have you back. When you guys were gone I was forced to make new friends.lol We have a few new people here. And.... Bonnie Ann is one of my new friends. She's really nice. Have you talked to her yet? She's quite the social butterfly so you prob. will. It sucked with you away. yeah there are a few lurkers if thats what you want to call them, I have a better word, but you allready know this. I want you to know i care for you and trust you like no other!                        love    Cathy
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