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Time for some humor.

Sally's boss stepped out of his office and saw that Sally was crying. "What's wrong Sally?" he asked.
"My mother died," she answered. "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, why don't you go home and rest?'
Sally said,"no I'd rather keep working, it will take my mind off of it."
Later, the boss come out of his office and sees thayt Sally is crying hysterically.
" My goodness Sallywhat made you feel so much worse?"
"I just got a horrible message from my sister", Sally replied. Her mom died too."
Twins Bubbles and Barbie promised their sea-faring uncle that they would bury him at sea when he died.
Time passed and the uncle died. The twins kept their promise. They wrapped him securely in a body bag,
loaded him into their rowboat and headed out to sea. After a while Bubbles asked,"Do you think it's deep enough?"
Barbie slipped over the side and then said,"No, it's only up to my knees."
Later Bubbles asked again,"Do you think it's deep enough now Barbie?"
Again Barbie slipped over the side and then said,"No, it's just up to my chest."
After a while Bubbles asked the same question again. Barbie slipped over the side and then disappeared.
Bubbles was getting worried when Barbie suddenly popped up. "It's dep enough now," she said.
"Hand me the shovel"

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we definitly like to have some humor around here..thankyou..I am trying to think of my best joke..lol  as soon as i do..i will put it up..
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I am just looking as I can't find anything else I have to do befor waking everyone up in an hour or so.
My lil brother has a daughter and we call her denise now his wife is pregnant and they just had the ultra sound performed and it is a boy. He called me and asked what should we name him I said well of course you have Denise so it is a given right danephew........
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Oh jeez i just got that one Mike!!!!!!  LOL
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LMAO!! Mike..i just had to read that a few times..lOL
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