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****Tonights Presidential Debate***

Okay......so we dont' see to be as excited as were last week.  Are we ready for Round 2....ding ding.  So what are you all expecting for tonight?  I am hoping for more excitement, interaction between the 2 characters.  I hope it is not a re-run of the last one.  The dummies need to address some issues.

All I got from Obama last time was that he was going to steal from the rich and give to the poor.  And all I heard him say is that we have to do " things, things things"  I want to hear what 'things" he is going to do.

McCain did state more of what and how he was going to do "things"  I want to see a debate tonight.  If I don't.....I'm gonna be pi ssed..!!!!!!!!

So you think both of these clowns are gonna give us what we want tonght????

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I hope so!  McCain hasn't been very good at getting his points across.  I'm so damn mad at him for that!!!  Obama needs to give more substance.  I did not see the last debate, but have heard a lot about it.  

I hope they do as well as the Vice President candidates did.  They at least made some headway!  

I'm so disappionted in our choices this year! How the hell did we get here!?

Oh well, let's see some action tonight! The fists need to come out (not literally! LOL!).  
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I heard that Obama was going to steal McCain's hearing aid so he couldnt' hear the questions

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LOL!!!!!  That made me laugh out loud here at work!   ;)
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Bubbles....OMG  good one !  Too funny.

I think everyone needs to turn their backs on the tv and just listen, not watch.
  Last time I wound up watching the little charts they had, that were tracking the audience's response. lol   Kinda like before John Edwards had that mole removed......I swear that thing was staring at me.

It's amazing how much more you hear when your not watching......but then again I can't chew gum and walk. lol
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Yeah, Mary.....and you left out that you can't spell either, so it's best you listen.....LMao!!!!  ....I think you are right.  I have a friend that is a great debater with me...I  love talking to him, the last conversation we had about debate....he told me that he did not watch, but rather, listened to it on the radio.  I thought that was a very good Idea.......cause the first thing I saw on Obama in the debate was his terrible eye make-up, I mean it was bad.......3 shades lighter than his skin color which made him look angry and terroristic....lol.  I think it will be the same tonight....so, look at it....hahaa

It's a town hall debate so they may be sitting this time.  But, look at his bad eye make-up......lol........

I took some Allegra a few hours ago and I swear I am getting loopppyyyy .  I thought it was not suppose to do that......i best shut up now.....;-))

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If any of the mud slinging is brought up tonight it could get interesting.
Those little perception meters are very distracting on the debates,..... but I think I'm gonna get me one for personal use.
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Town Hall style presentation w/ questions which may be pre screened (???) No follow ups, and candidates can't ask each other questions. Audience is supposedly undecided, from swing states or the mid west. The Obama/McCain debate drew about 30 on the ratings last time, not even close to the top ten.

My Q's and observations:

Because Obama is clearly leading this race, nationally and in the swing states, he need not win any of the two remaining debates because ties go to the (front)runner.
I wish I knew for sure whether the non-verbal aspects of a town hall format favored one candidate or the other. It could be either way. On one hand you have Obama’s physical charisma -- he is tall and sinewy, and carries himself with physical confidence. But I am never quite sure to what degree McCain’s P.O.W. injuries compensate by creating an empathy toward him. I’d be curious what people think about how the debate will play out visually.
Is Tom Brokaw the moderator? Tom Brokaw could be a real wildcard. Brokaw has acted erratically in some of his television appearances recently, interjecting without prompting or cause some weird clarifications, like this one a few days ago.

(Can't take credit for the above stated joke, I heard it on Letterman last night)
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Both CNN and MSNBC replay the debates for a few days.  I will watch the one tonight and probably just listen to one tomorrow.  
I did this with the Vice Pres. debate and was amazed at what I missed...... how many questions Palin did not answer.
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Nauty...........I'm ....in...tel..a....gent ! LMAO
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I was just reading all the news reports on what the tactics are suppose to be tonight. According to the news, McCain is going to focus as much as he can on....well...mud slinging and avoiding current issues. I don't know how he'll do that when specific questions are asked, but we all know they all have their ways of avoiding answering questions. So we'll see, they (the reporters) expect that it could get nasty.
I WISH THEY WOULD JUST STICK TO THE ISSUES!!!!!!!   I get chastised for mud slinging.....what about them???!!!???
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No Chastity Belt for you Magi.  I don't see you as a mud slinger.  Your just annoying as hell.....lmao!!!!

seriously, that is very interesting.  I guess we will see tonight.  Am I still invited to dinner tonight??......If so, don't let mary forget my wine......we know she's not to Intel-agent.....lol

I love both of you girls....You brought life to the social side....!!!  .......:-))))

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Debate Dinner Menu

Strip Steaks on the BBQ
Wedge salad W/ Blue Cheese crumbles and Tomato
Corn On the Cob
Homemade Macaroni & Potato salads
Desert.....Homemade Chocolate Cake W/ Chocolate Icing

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