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Trying to stay positive

I know I am going to have good days and bad days in recovery and it is hard not to let others get under your skin.  Had bad moment in After Care Program when a certain person seems to be so judgemental and the feeling that they are there to compete and not be of support.  I tried to brush it off and therapist did tell that person they were out of line but I feel weak today and teared up.  Sooooo....embarrassing!!! Hope tomorrow is better.  :)
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Don't be weak, and don't feel bad for tearing up. Getting off this crap is emotionally draining and others are not suppose to be there to judge. They are suppose to be the ones who help by telling their stories. We are not going to agree with what everyone else thinks and all we can do is choose the best things that we think might help us if we apply them to our lives.

Stay strong and don't let others stand in your way. God Bless
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Not allowing someone who is judgemental have any power over our lives is tough but when I am feeling the way you described I just remember that some of us are sicker than others and that judging others is a classic way to deflect what is going on with the judger. This person is still unable to focus on themselves which of course is what they should be doing. Try to flip it in your brain to feel sorry for this person who is sick and just not getting it. It is sad I hope they figure it out. Much support and praise to you for your good work. Becca
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I was always told AA is not a hotbed of mental health.  I'm sure that's true where you're at too.  Whatever we go through today is just a part of the recovery process.  Thank God for being sober today!!!!
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Everywhere is a hot bed of mental health. People in AA are usually more aware than other in my experiance. Becca
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