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hey i was on 100mg of methadone i have been reducing at a rate of 2.5mg per week im now on 15 mg of "the Done"  and im booked into a Detox centre here in Australia, while 'inside' im being put onto a SUBOXONE transfer from "the done" so after being 'inside' for 3-5 days i will be coming home only on SUBz.if anyone can give me some advice if you havw done this yourself, it would be appreciated. susann
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          I do have some advice for you about the suboxone, and hope it will help you in some way understand it. I was on 'the done' myself and am still taking it for chronic pain, but there was a time when I had to detox from it, and it was not pleasant at all. I had a doc cut me off cold turkey,I was so sick I try to commit suicide. So, I went to a place called Talbot Hall, and there they gave me suboxone. for the first 2 and half days I was in the most excruciating pain I had ever exp. even worse than child birth. there was not an inch on my body that didn't hurt. the third day of the sub treatment I started to feel alot better. pain was subsiding and I was feeling okay. I did not feel dope sick at all. But I still did not feel normal like I felt on the methadone. I felt different, and acted different, as well I even sounded different. People not only me noticed this. for some reason I hated it. I was not sick, but still wasn't feeling like me. yes, you can feel withdrawl symptoms from the suboxone,like you feel from the methadone. It is not quite as bad but it is still a very unpleasant feeling. to me it was unbearable. I also, had very bad anxiety, and fits of rage at times,after detoxing from methadone and the suboxone. I guess thats why suboxone did not work for me. Which I was cut off suboxone after a week of taking it, only because I couldn't make it to 1 meeting 4 days in a row 40 miles from my home. I could not afford the gas and do not drive the freeway.I hope this does not scare you , and I hope this works for you.  

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The suboxone is a great drug when it is used the right way i know it helped me more than i can even explain but the trick with the suboxone is getting off of it as fast as possible and not taking a huge amount right off the bat because no matter how much you take because of the ceiling effect of the bupe in suboxone after 4mg it is not going to do anything because 4 mg of bupe covers i believe 98% of the opiate receptors so there is no reason anyone should start off taking 32 mg a day like i have seen so many ppl say they do because that is asking for trouble because just like any other opiate you will get hooked and be right back to where you started so my best advice to you about the suboxone is to start off at the very lowest dose that keeps you out of withdrawals and after a week to ten days start dropping your dose so you can come off of it as fast as possible and if i can help ya out or ya have any questions about the suboxone feel free to shoot me a msg and i will help ya out as much as i can

Good Luck and Godspeed

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