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Walmart stories

I thought we needed something a little bit lighter with all the political stuff and other things... Anyways I went shopping at Walmart yesterday and thought I'd share the exprience. I think it's sort of funny and sad at the same time:

If anyone else has a story feel free to share...
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You directed everyone somewhere else to read then you seem upset b/c there are no replies on here. I don't really understand. We aren't all writers here so we may not have a story to share...it's not meant to be offensive to you. There are all kinds of people here mostly in this community we are recovering/recovered drug addicts. I'm sorry you don't feel like you are getting what you need.
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No , it's a great story. I think everyone is just going to your journal reading it and posting there instead of coming back here and responding.  Theres a buch of responces there.  We are all just to lazy to come back here and post. lol
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I'll take this to mean I posted in the wrong forum. Sorry people.  I guess I'll try the medhelp social.
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