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Wanted to say "hi" and check in.....

Went back to work and have been busy with everything.  Enjoying the last 8 days before my brother goes back and loving the fact that he has been home.
Work is back in full swing and I love having that routine again....so much better when I stay busy.
I hope everyone is doing great and still fighting this fight!!!  I am fighting every day....but worth it.

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Well this was nice to see this morning!!  So happy for you Jebs~~Dont be a stranger now!!     sara
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Hi Kristen!!    Please stay in touch!!   You sound really great!   I'm glad....

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Thanks ladies!
I really missed you and think of you a lot.  I have been really busy getting back into a new school year.  I do so much better with cravings and the guilt when I am at work and keeping my mind occupied.  
I struggled bad for a while there but you all helped so much.  
I am glad to hear from you and I hope that you are both healthy and happy!!!

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Hey, Jebs... so good hearing from you :)

you look great.. busy, working, enjoying the time with your brother, keep walking .. !
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