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What Youtube do you watch?

I just discovered a serious of videos for doing home repairs that's called "redneck repairs" and I totally love it! I've also been obsessing over all the neat videos that show you how to take old home appliances and electronics and turn them into neat spy tools. :->
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I have been watching  old building explorations.........WOW !!

these one cats even managed to sneak into the old abandoned (8 TH) detroit  police precinct building.......that was a trip. plus they went into the northville regional psychiatric hospital,that is a huge abandoned hospital complex.....totally spookey!
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I'll have to watch that home repairs one..Lord knows I need help there..I warned my wife when we married "I don't fix cars, I'm not a handyman (well..with certain reservations) or a carpenter.  I'm not one of those guys that can get up in the morning, build  room onto the house, put new brakes on the car and fix the plumbing all before breakfast.

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whitie, I'd like to check that out. Can you give me a description or link?

Beargizmo, how can you not be a handyman and have "gizmo" in your name?

I got into this sort of stuff early on when I discovered my father was totally inept with home repairs. When I was 12 he blew out all the power trying to change a lightswitch cover.

He just muttered I must have some speical talent for it and stomped off when I grabbed the tools and fixed the situation. After that I got stuck with all the home repairs.

One of my concepts of Heaven is full, free access to a Home Depot, a radio shack (the kind that sells the inner workings of electronics), and a lumber yard.

Just the thought is enough to give me a joygasm.

Outdone by a 12 year old. :->
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