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What a Day

wow what a day its been! I had to go for a Dr appt to get my asthma meds refilled. I did not want to go as its bitterly cold out. I had to chop off yet another lay of ice and snow and let the car thaw out for half an hour just so i could see to drive. Then notice my gas gauge is on EMPTY. So i whip over to a gas station on the way and my gas cap was frozen!! I stood there in the 10 below zero windchills, wind whipping my hair every which way cussing and struggling with this stupid gas cap! I HAD to get it off since my car was on Empty! Finally i asked some guy who was walking from his car if he could try and help me. He smirked and said he had just busted HIS gas cap door off on his car too! LOL  anyhow he was able to get mine off without breakign it and i thanked him profusely! So then i get to my DR without any further incidence, get my Rx and leave to stop at grocery store. Parking lot is full. Only spot i can find is a mini-half a space to park in as a huge mountain of snow was plowed onto the edge of it. Thankfully Im skinny, because I could only get my car door open a few inches before it hit the mountain of snow. I squeezed my way out, sunk into knee-deep snow (thank god i had my long johns on under my jeans LOL)   This guy comes up and starts teasing me about the way i had to get out of my car and stuff...then proceeds to follow me through the store AND got in check out line behind me!  Im like oh god, maybe he's a stalker, lol.  All he did was ask me if i needed help loading my groceries (my trunk was ALSO frozen shut so I had to put them in the passenger side door since my drivers door was in the snowbank @@).  It got me thinking though- maybe not all guys are out to hurt me you know. He probably was just a nice guy and Im so tainted now from all the abuse! I hope someday I meet someone nice to be with. I struggle with this issue alot. I feel like I wont ever be with another man again for the rest of my life. Im 38, have 2 kids and my body is in bad shape ( the bad back and chronic pain things that hinder me).  I mean I do clean up nice still I guess when my hair and make up are done (which they were today which i s probably why that guy was being nice to me) but I just think Im gonna be alone forever and that its probably better that way anyhow.
sorry for rambling, I know this post is all over the place and youre probably thinking my dr gave me more than just asthma meds, lol.
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OMG this cold is just brutal. I was having the same problem with everything freezing on my truck too and my boyfriend sprayed WD40 on everything and its been good since. I think we all need to just hibernate for the rest of the winter or go some place warm =)
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Trouble...........I know what you mean , I often wonder if I will even ever go on a date again.  ( Does dating your x-husband count. lol )  I don't see him very often anymore. He's been having a lot of health problems. He says his warranty has expired. lol
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I like that line, I should start using that...My warranty has expired... lmfao,...I think you might find quite a few of us like that here on MH..
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It was -12 here this morning. It's a wonder my old clunker started. It's supposed to be even colder tonight.BRRRR!!!!~~~~~
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Get out of the cold...it was 70 in central california today!  I wore flipflops and a t, had to clean my toes to go out!  

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OK, enough from you, show off...=P Do you think my old car can make it there? I generally wear flip flops all year, even in the snow, but not when it's this cold. It was 65 here a couple of weeks ago...CRAZY weather!
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