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What did We do before Pain Meds?

Does anyone really remember what we did before pain meds other than Motrin and tylenol # 3  if we could even get that?  I can't.  But, what I do remember was getting Vicodin in the 80's was almost impossible.  It was prescribed very limited.  Now, of course.....it's prescribed like candy and it makes me sick.  I remember things like Morphine were only for people on their death bed.  Then came Oxy.......and the world went to hell.  Prescription drug abuse is above street drugs now-a-days. that is scary.  I read all of these stories out here and it just gets me so angry sometimes.  Something is seriously wrong with our Society and the Hippocratic Oath, but then again, a lot of doc's don't prescribe or don't like to prescribe Narcotics......thats why we have that little thing called Pain management.......which allows doctors to be legal pill pushers.  Motrin is a great drug.....but once you try Narcotic's it becomes a mute subject.  So much more I'd like to say, but I will leave it at that .......for the better.

Sorry......just venting !!!  Today.

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I agree that these meds. are way OVER prescribed.....crazy, huh.
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My sons father has been in prison for selling pot and cke for 11 years(alot of counts) and will be in for another 3 but drs just make money off us i dont get it either!!!
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Dear Naughty, I very much agree with what you say in part.  But I also know that as a chronic degenerative joint disease patient (2 hip replacements, and both knees needing replacement , and allergic to NSAIDS), that I would have probably killed myself without sensible pain management.  As you may see when you read back, I am still more apprehensive about the pain medication than I am about the joint issue, but my life has been considerably more productive with sensible surgery and pain management.  I am acutely aware of the possibility of abuse with these drugs which is why I came to this place.  Those who have given me advice, encouragement, and warnings are in my prayers every day.  It would be so easy to take extra and not have to gut up and accept a measure of pain as a part of life.  but confused was right.....its crazy sometimes!

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This is certainly out of control.  Very much like a comment that was made on another issue...... some serious problems if teen age kids can get pain pills for their parents at school.  Everyone here I am sure is aware of how easy it is to become addicted to prescription pain killers.  And yes I am a firm believer that doctors prescribe these medications without properly screening their patients need first.  

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I agree. Although there are situations that do require serious pain meds, alot of doctors are giving them out for things that should and used to be handled with a few asperin.
During my earlier years of life, I have had things go on that I never was given pain meds for.  Wisdom teeth removed, root canal, oral surgery, carpal tunel syndrom, neck and back problems, serious female problems etc. etc. Now a days all you have to do is say ouch, and doctors write you a pain med script. Not all of them, but alot.  Is it the doctors fault or are the doctors responding to a society full of wusses that can't handle even the lowest degree of pain? I look back on some of my minor medical situations and I never even thought to ask for pain meds. If I was dealing with those things now, the pain meds would be offered by the doctors probably before I even ask.
Again, not all doctors are like this. This whole pain med society has made some doctors paranoid about giving out the meds, even when they really should be.
I think we need to learn to toughen up a bit and put up with a bit of pain, within reason.
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looking at this from another angle...just how good of an "actor" does the addict become?  can we lay ALL the blame on the doctors?

just a thought......................
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There are many many good doctors out there that use these pain meds as a last resort. The doctor that started me on my way to addiction was not one.  When I first started them yes I definatley needed them, no doubt about it. As time went on I was getting concerned about addiction and my doctor said it was better for me to be addicted than to be in pain. Then on my next appt. with him he said what can I do for you. Would you like percocet, oxycotin, soma what ever you need. I actually said no these vicapro's work fine (this was early on in my addiction) and didn't know what I was turning down. Then when the auto accident claim was over and he was paid, he refused to see me any longer.  Not even on a cash basis.   I don't think doctors should be blammed for our addiction. I now know, that I am responsible for any thing I put in my body no matter what the doctor says. I guess I have lost trust in doctors and I think thats a good thing. They are not God's and they don't know it all.
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Alot of drs don't give sh t anymore unless you have a serious physical problem. Thank goodness for the drs for normal folk that dont abuse the meds. Thats my opinion. I remember getting vicodin in the 80s pretty regularly and I was pretty young at that time. I had a dr giving me scripts for them back then too.
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I do agree about the morphine though that was just to make one comfortable until they die. Now it is different. My doc says if it makes your quality of life better than why not and that makes it legal for her to do. When I went last time she went in to that telling me she has to cover her butt by putting that in my chart.
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I dont vare how much they give out and realize it is me not everyone else in the world. They sell alcohol everywhere and I dont want to start there either.
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