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What do you remember about the 60s-70s???

I remember the Vietnam War, Martin Luther King, Civil Rights, Woodstock, Flower Child, Hippies, Communes, Rolling Stones and lots of Great Music then..Janice Joplin, Hendrix and Morrison dried from drugs. The burning of the Bras, The Drugs that played in them days, Color TV just came out, President Kennedy getting shot, Captain Kangaroo, Sheriff John, Felix the Cat, Flintstones, Charley Mansion, The kind of Cars & Trucks, Schools and how they were ran, Landing on the Moon, 3 Triple Crowns from the Horse racing never to be done again yet, Gas Shortage, Disco came out in the 70s, SO much more..I really Loved the Music back then!!!

Ok Shara & Bonnie come on in..I bet you got some good ones..lol
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I was a young pup in the 70's, but my parents took me to see all those bands you mentioned in Austin, and quit a few more. The boat races, monster truck ralleys were enhancing the tractor pull. Computers started to take hold a little. I specifically remember the invention of dog catchers and city law men. That was a sad day for us all. Carrying a gun down the street with rabbits hanging off your belt was illegal by 1980, so I did it while I could. The old hillbilly ways still existed in the 70's, they done regulated a whole culture to asmililate. We ended up with Red Necks out of the Hillbilly opression in the 70's. All the hippies moved to the woods and fell in love with the farmers daughter. So the hipneck was born of the idealist city slicker and the country mates. I remember gas hitting $1 and everyone thought it was Armageddon. I used to go buy my dad beer and cigarettes driving a full size backhoe down the street, didn't need a license and the grocery folks knew my dad, so it was okay. So many memories, I will surely think of more. I used to shoot out the street lights from my window, we voted not to have pavement or lights, but they gave them to us and charged us anyway. I liked it dark back then, and I was a good shot.
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Kidnapping and held hostages, I think it was Iran. Watergate, Women's Lib.
Cigs were in a Machine & cheap. Hum much more???
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I remember my grandfather talking, WW11 vet. He said he felt sorry for the modern soldier. He said, "Soldiers don't even know what they are fighting for, at least we knew that Hitler was deserving of our attack, but the young men today don't even understand why they are asked to kill." I thought that was profound.
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The Hell's Angels!!!
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FLower Power man!!

The Coke Commercial, I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony...lalalalala

Vic...Gee your hair smells terrific.  Goes real good with your Loves Baby soft perfume all the while wearing Dr Sholls sandals!!
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HA!! I was going to say the Hells Angels because they used to come up to the canyon. And when the other groups came like the Devils disciples and one other one, oh boy he11 broke loose.
How about those toothpaste commercial back then?
Or that one that said, take it off, take it all off. Wasn't that a aftershave one??
And the computers where only set up so that you had to put a floppy in..No Internet yet!
How about the gas foot petal that was made like a Foot.
And being able to drive around bare foot.
AND when we used to take our jeans and make them into a skirt or the Bell Bottoms where really flared out.
Leather..Lots of Leather fringe..lol
Sunglasses..OMG they have changed alot.
I finally took off my Rose Color glasses..Ha!
TV Dinners were in aluminum and covered in foil so they could only go into the oven.
OH!! Calgone take me Away..lol
Drink coca cola it will give you a lift. That was Way back when they had real coca plants in it right??
The words like..*****-en man, Groovy, Dude, My Old Lady, etc..

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  i dont remember since i wasnt even born yet  but 2 name a few  .....Beatles broke up ....VCR's introduced.....Watergate scandal/Nixon resigns....Star wars ........walkmans
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Hey Dude what happen to my B1tchen-man, Like wow Valley Girl talk..hahah
Cool Man, Right on,...
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The food we ate was all home grown

Respected ladies didnt wear pants

We said the Pledge of Allegiance when class started.

Manual typewriters

My grandmas Blue Valiant with the plaid seats!!

No power steering and chains on the tires in the winter
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The sexual revolution. We started talking about orgasim .... Before that we didn't talk about such things much less have em
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Things are worse now than back then, people used to riot and stand up against The Man. We are in several Vietnam's right now, yet nobody is rallying, occupy wall street was close, but everyone gave up before any change. We stand up for economics now, we used to stand up for justice and peace.
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didnt have orgasims ......eeck  what kinda life is that!!!! thats a sure fire way 2 get ur lady friend to come back for more....IMHO!!!
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