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What drug smells like burning rubber?

I run a small business and one of my employees sometimes comes to work smelling like burning rubber. I'm pretty sure that he smokes marijuana but I'm familiar with that smell (from my days as a child of the 70's :-) but this is different. It's almost like marijuana mixed with burning rubber. Is it possibly marijuana that is laced with something?  If so, what drug would have that specific smell?
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I have smelled people smoking methamphetamine that was poor quality that had a slight smell of plastic burning. Heroin is cut with so many things these days, it's hard to know what it will smell like. Thai stick, or cannabis rolled in opium has a strong smell, but it smells more like hash resin and opium incense mixed. I never smoked Oxy or other pills, hopefully someone can give you more info on that. Have you asked the person what that smell is?
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sex with a condom, :)
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In all sincerity and with respect, is it the smell that's the problem or his behavior? I'm trying to understand the reason for your question.  Could it be that he rides a motorcycle or an old car to work and you are smelling exhaust fumes? What has led you to believe its drugs?
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Burned meth always smelled like that but I'm curious like Yesidid...is it smell or a behavior?
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Make everyone take a drug test that works for u that way he doesn't think u are targeting just him.
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Hey, my first thought was hes smoking crystal meth too, the crack pipe can also give off a burnt rubber smell : )
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I would like to know the result in this small case. I also want to know did his behavior cause you to believe he is using drugs?if it was his behavior,then what did he do so wrong that he is accused of being on drugs?
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My son puts off a strong tar smell sort of like oil. He is not a mechanic. I suspect meth or could it be heroine? I have asked him straight up and he denies. I really want to know how to help him by getting help for him.
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It's Meth
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Really poor quality or burnt meth definitely has a plastic or rubber scent.
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