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What was your worst day of withdrawls

If your drug of choice is opiates????
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Why would you want to know this? Are you in the midst of withdrawal and need some help?
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I am a day 3'er........woosh, day 3 was bad.......dang it!!

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no opiates, nicotine, and I thought it was yesterday and then I woke up. :D
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4 was bad for me. I really thought I should be feeling better but I felt worse.
Day 6 felt better.

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yep, I'd have to go with day 3..I was taking clonodine which turned into to a zombie and I fell asleep at my computer on a conference call (thank god I was on mute but I woke up and everybody was quiet and I was wondering if I was supposed to say anything)...but day 4 I woke up and said....you know?   I'm feelin' pretty doggone good today, and jumped up and clicked my heels and skipped out to my truck....seriously it went on for several days...anxiety, agoraphobia, etc....

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day one was worst....fighting the temptation to just get a pill and start another day,,,,getting started it the WORST 4 me. always
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WOW  70% thinks day 3, that is also what i picked....maybe its only because i LIVED day 3 WAY more than anything past it!! I only have been past day 3 twice, and that was the time before now and now. But yeah I 100% agree that day 3 was my day, sooooo many relapses at day 3...oggg never thought I could make it past that day. I think i created a mental block...built myself up to thinkin that day 3 was unbearable and always feel short that day because of that, so if anyone else is having this problem just hurry up and get past day 3 so with aftercare,and God you never have to be back at it, I think it really evens out between second and third night then starts  letting up pretty quickly after that : )
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for normal opiates like pain pills and herion it was day 3
for methadone and suboxone it was week 3
then i had really bad anxiety for a while, maybe 4 to 6 months
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when I was going ct on norcos,all the time, because I ate them all it was day three.

but this last time after being on them plus washing down methadone with brew ha's,for a year and a half. it was more like which week was worse, I had to go to work and looked like complete dog ****. everyone at work was like "what is up with you" I was sick as hell,sweating profusely,constant sneezing, diarrhea like never before,all my old injuries were worse than ever,it felt like being on deaths doorstep.......I had to work that whole week in missery

ah the price we paid to be free from the 800 pound gorilla....
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Hell the whole first wk was horrible for me....I could not sleep, had horrible rls...cried the whole wk...felt like I was dying...Week 2 was some better...not much...but week 3 I knew I was getting there..I hate the wds and will NEVER go back there....
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I totally agree with everything you said! Day 3 was always the day i would relapse. im back on day 1 again i hate havin to start over since i can never make it past that point. So im going to try and try again if i have to to finally get myself back to the old me the clean and sober me! Wish me luck past the mental block of the dreaded day 3.... good luck to all of you and your recovery!
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Day 1 was the worst for me.
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Day 2 worst for me.
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I hope everyone here takes time now and again to sit back and reflect on all the pain, depression, anxiety, and horrors we went through during withdrawals. Not only will this give you faith in your courage, but hopefully it will give you a slap in the face if you find yourself thinking about relapsing! I think withdrawals are God's little way of detering us from dumping all those poisons into our precious bodies ever again!

I honestly, and I mean honestly, have learned to enjoy the withdrawals, and no I am not using again! LOL  They are my badge of courage, because when we face struggle and obstacles in our life, we draw out parts of our character and Spirit that we never would have had a chance to experience. If this was easy, I would't feel like I learned or changed in any way. A anonymous quote I once saw put it perfectly:

"Adversity has the strange effect of eliciting talents which, in prosperous circumstances, would have remained dormant."

Remember - We do not see things as they are. We see them as WE are...

Keep the faith friends,


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Days two and three were the worse for me, but they weren't as bad as I expected them to be.
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I have tried ot figure this one out so many times it is unreal. Each day has its own challenges. I used to be able to get thru the hard part in 7-10 days the last time I withdrew 5 months ago it took almost a month of emotinal bs the whole time. I thought I was gong off the deep end. I think it is the amount we use the length of time and our age that all play a major factor in the intensity of wds. They all suck plain and simple I cannot figure out why it is such a major deal in my life as it does nothing good anymore all it does is takes and takes. Heck I have split up over a female acting selfish but drugs whole different story.
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