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What would you say where some of your good qualities

I have been blessed to see the good in people, a gift truly given to me by God.
I am a very determine person (not neccisarly a good thing) but it helps me get through life.
I'm a giver not a taker.
I love to laugh and make people laugh.
I try my best to live for the Lord, some days I fail miserably but I'm still a work in progress.
I'm shy ;) ;) ;) ;)
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I'm going with 4 minutes on the egg.. i like mine like that too, my grandma taught me how to make soft boiled eggs. YUM-O :):)

AND I'll also stick to the subject of this post :) My good qualities would be...
GREAT sense of humor :)
Good listener
Strong minded
I LOVE animals. I wish every homless pet in the world could come and live at my house :) That'd be pretty messy...
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I am a good husband.
I love children.
I am semi honest. No one is truly honest.
I hate racism, bigotry and persecution.
I have a problem passing by a pan handler.
I open doors for strangers.
I wish strangers a good day as I pass them.
I help around the house.
These items were dictated by my wife.
She says I am a total ***** cat,
very compassionate  and can't watch
a tear jerker movie etc, without tears running
down my face. She says there is more but
my head is big enough without adding to
my ego. I kinda love that woman.

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Ok, so what about my egg?
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Magi is a good listener. That's all I'm given her as she tends to be egotistical. LMAO
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I'm not sure what my good qualities are other than I'm talented.  I'll have to ask Mary.lol
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I love to joke around.  At school the teachers say they love being on the same hall with me because I keep them going...

I am an awesome cook.....all you have to do is look at my size and see that!  Really though, I love being in the kitchen (hate cleaning it, but love cooking in it)

Very Organized (you have to be when you teach 120+ students in one day)

What I strive to be:
  More devoted to my church.  I am not nearly as faithful as I was because when I walk in I feel like everyone in there is talking about me.  It is usually just my family though (isn't that sad).
  I want to be a more loving wife to my husband of 20 years.  He has stuck by me through thick and thin and I wish I could show him more.

Okay I got a little carried away, sorry :((
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Oh, I lost track of this posts question............I make awsome deviled eggs. lol
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Hint for making "easy peel" hard boiled eggs..........never put eggs in water until it is at a full boil. Lower in slowley with slotted spoon.  You can also put a dish cloth in water to keep them from cracking open.  Rinse under cold water as soon as they are done.

add a little horseradish sauce to deviled eggs. yum yum
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Let's not get crazy now, truth told the abouve was stolen from the interwebz. I just throw them in the pot let em boil hard boiled. U been nippin at the bottle?
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I'm a good back-seat driver...and a good cook
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You have good qualities. We all do. Please list them...at least 2! You can do it!
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I want a fully cooked white with a liquid yolk........do tell.
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U R 4 real after all!
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Egg man is here never fear,

Put your eggs into a small saucepan and fill with more than enough cold water to cover them. Put the pan on the hob and turn the heat up to the highest setting.

As soon as the water starts to boil reduce the heat and simmer for 3-5 minutes depending on how thick or runny you want your egg to be
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I can' boil eggs, can someone tell me exactly how long for a soft-boiled egg??  I didn't believe it was 14 min. like my cookbook said........I had one of those things you drop in the pot, but lost it.

How long for the perfect soft-boiled egg, firm soft and not runny???

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Rock on lets keep this one going.
Today I lost it but it was very theruptic :)  
I'm a hard worker.
I love my children unconditionaly.
I've raised a baseball team of children although I only have two biologicial children of my own and I loved every bit of it.
I have a new found love, dogs :)
I fight for what I believe in.
I'm very loyal.
I'm a child of the Living God :)
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This is a good post as it is so right that we beat the hell out of ourselves and do not mention the good qualities very much......
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The twelve qualities I strive for are to be

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good post...so many of us write about all the negative things that we forget the good things. myself included. i have low self esteem but will try and make myself do this assignment...lol

good traits:
- sense of humor
- would do anything for my kids
- can cook good and like to do it
- try to help people whenever I can
- totally faithful
-love animals

thats all i can think of right now lol
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im a good husband...a cool dad....i go to church every sunday and have a strong faith in our lord....im trusting and most people would say i would probably give someone the shirt off my back if you needed it....im honest...sometimes too honest....i wish i could save the world everyday...i can play several musical instruments...im a proud army veteran....
oh yeah....i can boil eggs as well...lol
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You can have my share of boiled eggs lol
I think I see a smile :)
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I'm perfect  and humble.  ;)
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My best work has been done during menopause!!!!!!  LOL

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