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When coming off suboxone when do you get your sex drive back?

My fiancĂ© (or ex technically after Wednesday) has been totally off suboxone  for 8 days now. When will she start getting her sex drive back?
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I know this I took Prozac for one month and I became impotent for two and a half years almost like ED no sex drive now my libido is going crazy :)
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I can tell you about subs and methadone..methadone makes everything numb not necessarily losing sex drive but for women hard to climax. Subs for me made sex better I could finally feel something..as far as sex drive my hubby still has it but it messes with his, I don't want to be graphic but his climax, also like when he pees it takes him a long time to be able to start and finish..subs definitely mess with that park of the body and have a really long half life...it could take a month or longer but if she is in withdraw tell her SEX HELPS!!
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