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When you were going through

When you were going through your withdrawals, did you have any song stuck in your head?
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no songs at all.which is unusual for me cause i love my music!!!!  all i was thinken about was a taste
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I got my TOOL playing, and some candlebox, but this is to keep my mind off of stuffs.

Song 1

Those are the songs going through my head as going through this.
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I only asked this for two reasons. The first is to get a glimpse of what helps some people or how they saw it, and the second is because this loud hardcore music is REALLY helping, I mean a lot.
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Seether....Rise Above This~~~~
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Everyday I listened to (don't you dare laugh at me) The theme from Rocky...the first movie.

I still have it on my ringtone and I love it now for different reasons.
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Eh, I am a 'supernatural" fan, so that song wouldn't make me laugh.
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Ha ha funny you asked that. my nephew is four and he was constantly seeing that dynamite song. Party like its dynamite. I dont really know how it goes all the way but it drove me crazy the first few nights of detox. I also thought of songs I listened to when I was heavy on pain pills.
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I keep Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam.....i love the 90's :)
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i actually watched youtube like mad watching video after video on my ipad... jose gonzalez heartbeats and crosses two great tunes also look up tiesto jose gonzalez at ipanema beach rio good stuff... music got me through it. if you dig jose's heartbeats watch the knifes live version... the little jack in the box thing on the front left of the stage represented the seconds passing for me... CRAZY
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oh yah i also don't know why but i had a real infatuation or connection with death... probably because i almost died. lol but i went through time on youtube watching many elvis performances and interviews as well as curt cobain of nirvana. though chronically listening to artists who died of what i was doing, they were great performers and it was therapeudic that i beat what had killed them. good luck with your journey
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I was kinda the same way. Only difference is I was reading memoirs of musicians, skaters, etc who made it out and on the otherside. It gave me hope. I read 3 or 4 books like this in 4-5 days. It sucked me.
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Yes, every night "Hey Soul Sister" by Train.  I thought I was going crazy.  Every night when I'm trying to sleep this song plays in my head even though I might not have heard it that day or for a couple of days!  Nice to know I'm not the only one.
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I'm with kelseago love all the bands she mentioned.  And Aimee Mann's Wise Up played in my head all the time when I was getting clean.
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I listened to a Roger Miller cd over and over again.  My favorite song started out "chugalug chugalug" and went through different stages of drinking until finally the song ends with him saying "blahgh".  The whole cd was catchy and even silly at times, but it kept me upbeat and out of my own head.  Now a days I play the Chilipeppers pretty regular.  "Hey oh, listen what I say oh!!"
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Robin Trower,,,and the Flintstones theme song....go figure!!?  That proves your brain ain;t right on WD's
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Aimee Mann, at last someone else has heard of her!

Wise Up, as you say, plus Going Through The Motions when I'm tempted to fall off the wagon. If I may quote it:

They'll have a big parade
For every day that you stay clean
But when the trumpets fade
You'll go under like a submarine
And you won't see it coming
No, you won't see it coming
...You're just going through the motions, baby
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Of course!  She's always been one of my favorite musicians - all the way back to the early 80's!

Great songs - :)
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