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Who's got some clean time?

Wondering if n e one here has some clean time. Maybe some inspiration for that guy or girl that thinks life is over. I used to think life without my benzos and p ks  wasn't worth living. Even if it was i could never beat my addiction. For ALONG time I couldn't.  13 months later.... I'm clean! Life is amazing. Life is is also boring and predictable. Just cause I'm clean doesn't mean I get or deserve a perfect life. What life isn't is hell. No despair. No sleepless nights. No stomach turning anxiety.  No dependence on a substance to smile. I am a happy person today. If ur detoxing, this can be the last time you have to go through this BUT if you want to get clean... You have to go through it. There is zero short cuts to getting clean. Do it. I know you can. Not cause I did. Because you CAN. Believe in yourself. Believe poor choices got you here but good choices will get you out. I sooo remember posting here feeling so hopeless. Those feelings are just feelings. I'll be real honest. There has been a million times I wanted to Get high. just one more time. Only difference is with a clean mind body and soul I have the power to make better choices for the only life ill ever have to live. There's no perfect recovery. There's your recovery. Go get it....if you need help. Call the big man upstairs. He will answer. He really helped me. His angels did too. You can find them in any NA or AA meeting. All this hardship and bs you've had to endure. Consider it angel training...good luck everyone. This addict believes in you until you can believe in yourself.
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Good post!!    Congrats on your clean time!
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Congratulations on your clean time.
Keep feeding that Spirit and it only gets better and better as we Grow!
Thanks for the inspiring Post.
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Oh what a great post. I hope some of the new bees see it. Thank you.
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I don't guess it was by coincidence that I logged in and started reading posts on the  first site I started reading and writing about 6 years ago. o date I have 30+ years sobriety and being clean. I usually don't tell amount of time I have. Don't want anyone to think I am tooting my horn. As I have said many times and I will say it again and again. I am no different than the person that has an hour or maybe less. I am only a drink or drug away from disaster. It has really bothered me when I had to be put on oxycodone then had to have fentanyl patch added. After many long discussions with my MD and sponsor, I realized why I was taking he meds. Truly was not for the reason I would have taken 30 years ago. I am closely monitored and can enjoy each day a little better since my total body arthritic pain is tolerable for the most. When I get really down, I pick up my Bible, which is my big book. My husband passed 8/13 after a battle with pancreatic cancer for 6 months. He shared a month more sobriety than myself. He was my inspiration. Remember... there is always someone here hat will be willing to help if you ask. We all have been there at some point. When you may think "we" are helping you... In reality...we are probably helping ourselves just as much. I know I have come on an almost begged someone to listen to me as I was going through my grief. I seemed to hear from no one. But hey.. I didn't let that get me down. I could have easily have used that as a reason to blow it. It would only have hurt me. MH was there when I first joined, I believe it was 2008. Please allow me to congratulate you on your clean time. Keep your head up and clear. Will keep you in prayer. Maddie
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Can't tell unhow much I needed that post. I known it was a whole back but I am new and only 8 days clean of opiates. Off and on for 8 years I put that poison in my body. I tapered down and finally nothing. At home. Have a great partner but he thinks I should be fine now when all I wanna do is cry, lay down- 3 steps and I am winded like a 3-pack a day smoker! And no I don't smoke. Just soooo weak. Depression is getting the best of me. I see a therapist but no one seems to get how f-ing hard this is except people here. So thanks for the post. Do I really have two more months to a year to feel better?  I know it's one day at a time but I am having a hard time with that. I got kiddos who need Mommy NOW. please message me with any insight or advice. I am taking tons of vitamins and walking as much as possible. Thanks. I am so grateful to have read ur post. It was no coincidence. God Bless
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I have been clean 12 years, I learned that people that don't suffer from drug addiction won't fully understand, not downing Dr. How can I get help from someone that has not gone threw it. This is just for me. When life shows up I reach for my friends in NA that have been where I am and stayed clean. As well as my mental health issues. Anyone can message me to talk. I don't usually say my cleantime neither it's just for today and that's what I have. I know if I use all bets are off one more time kills, stay clean all.
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