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Why dont people stay on the forum

Ive noticed alot of good intentions here from people wanting to quit. I also noticed a pattern of people getting clean and then leaving. Does people think once they get clean they dont need us anymore?

Also if they slip up and use again are they so ashamed of being here? Is it something we say that makes them leave?

Or do they fail to put in the hard work? They arrive here in crisis mode and we support. We encourage. Then poof they are gone. I want your opinion on this subject?

I feel if your 100% commited to stoping. You need to be with rhis forum for awhile. Whether your detoxing thru tapering or cold turkey hanging around to help helps your sobriety. Plus its comforting to know were all in this together and the support and new friendships ease the lonliness and fears. Also its rewarding to help another addict. It reafirms your strength and support. whats your opinion
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Hey bama as ya know I'm new here I love this site and the freindships I've made ur right in so many ways with what ya said above I know I still want n need this forum I think that some people when they've posted on here n gone thru the ct affects some might relapse and feel embrassed it post n those who still clean they prob thinl the battle is over and they don't need the forun cos in there minds the fight is ova I know personally I'm battleing everyday can't wait for 90 days congrats on ur cleantime huni love ur mate from downunder amanda xoxoxox (fpv)
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What a great topic! I remember lurking on this site for a year or so before I joined, after finally getting up the nerve to post. At that time thinking back I really wanted a magic potion to get me clean or better yet for someone else to do it for me (lol), I got a few tips,encouragement, and some strength then I was alone again to deal with the monkey on my back (grrrrrr). Fortunatly, I reached out to another member on this site that literally took me under his wing and did the tough love mixed with genuine care and walked me thru this whole process. My whole point is, even if it seems like people disappear on the forum, there is much at work behind the scenes with private messaging. I was too ashamed, shy, nervous to put myself out there on the day to day, but I made a few solid friendships that literally saved my life. I know I am rambling, but this has given me the opportunity to comment on the importance of connecting one to one when and if the time is there. I can't  even express my appreciation for the medhelp friend that never gave up on me even tho he had a busy home life, work, and working on his own recovery. (thanks Phil). Now that I have some clean time behind me, it makes me want to give back and stay tuned.....thanks for bring this subject up, interested to hear others thoughts....
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Hey Bama,,,For me I am still here,,,just kinda lurking. I havent really had to much to say lately and feel that my advice maybe isnt good enough-for some people. I always check in its my morning ritual and afternoon ritual. I know of some members that got cleaned and left,,I can onlyhope that they are living a sober life and may have found some other form of support. I kinda drifted away when I got back to work,,but there are peeps here that I genuinely care about and think about (like you). Im still here,,not as much as going back to work occupies my time more and being on call. Im also addicted to Bubble witch saga game on facebook. LOL! (((hugs)))~Bkitty
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Personally, every time I come to this site, I am reminded of the days in hell. I am at once uncomfortable and glad to be back. I think that some people who get clean feel that they can move on, and don't realize that continuing support is an important element in preventing a relapse. This is one of the best places for that support. Plus, I do feel an obligation of sorts to help others however I can.
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Hi,I'm kinda like kitty,not posting so much as I used to and felling like I don't have a great deal to say to alot of people.I know that like me,alot of us get pretty busy working slash repairing our damaged lives after we get a few months in.Also as said above,I talk to a couple of people with like problems who have contacted me through pm.I always answer my pm's(no vicki not pms if you read this).
Also like some or most of us who start out as "lurkers"(such a heinous sounding word),I am still lurking on here and I am watching you bama so don't mess up!  lol
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Well we need to discuss aftercare more. Whats helping us stay strong. Show the people who are starting. We need to show and express what were doing now. Gives even more hope for the beginners as well as old members. Change topics is good sometimes. Eapecially related to staying clean. We all like to post crisises and clean time. But we need more than r
That. When I got clean it was like what know?

It will give more to everyone is we share new learnimg technics
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