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Yesterday's- Hold me Jesus post

Unfortunately, I did not write this. It was sent to me 2005. I have the blessing to be able to share with others now.  I have the pleasure and testimony to say that God has held me in all those ways. The thing is that when I didn't think he was holding me, God was at all times. I need everyone to please know, that even if you don't think that God is listening-He is, even you dont think God can dry your tears-He will-Even if you don't God can bring light-God is light to all things,even if you don't see when you will be free from addiction-God will set you free !!!!!  He did it for for me, and he loves everyone the same. I can say with true confidence that God Cares and Loves all his children so so deeply." God, doesn't want to leave us this way"

* God, Pray, Belive, Faith, Hope, Trust and know God is with all of us.

Have a Blest Day,
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you are so right!  that was a great quote you wrote on here.  God is always with us and helping us and guiding us.  Some choose not to believe that, but I always have and He has always been there for me. :)  I know I would not be where I am at without Him in my life...you have a blessed day too!
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I love your posts.  Please tell me how u got off the pills. Cold turkey?  What symptoms are you feeling now?
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