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Your Song of the Day

Even if you don't like hiphop or rap...I think you will like some of the lyrics.


No Matter What

"life can change ya directions
even when you aint planned it
all you can do is handle it
the worst thing you could do is panic
use it to your advantage
avoid insanity manage to conquer
every obstacle
make impossible possible
even when winnings illogical
losing's still far from optional"

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Kid Rocks Rock and Roll Jesus is a good cd too.  Its got a little bit of everything on there.
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I've been listening to Call my name third day
Praise you in the storm, casting crownes
My Rediemer Lives, Nicole C Mullens
On my Knees, Nicole C. Mullens
very inspirational
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Had to add one Bon Jovi's It's My LIfe...I have been playing it over and over the past few days
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The song they sang at the beginning of "The Cleaner" last night was awesome.  The two lines that stand out the most to me was
"Even the brave get scared" and "the moon doesn't shine without the help of the sun".

I have to find out the title of the song and who wrote it.
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I just lean wit and rock wit it lol
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Well, I recently got XM radio and am listening primarily to a classic country station and have been hearing a lot of Tom T Hall lately..."The Old Story Teller", and right now I have a song called "The Homecoming" in my head...he's on the road, playing town after town and stops by to see his dad who he hasn't seen in years...being on the road caused him to miss his mother's death and funeral...and I always feel so sad after hearing it...

and Springsteen's "My Hometown" which for some reason reminds me of my 32 year old son riding on my lap when he was a kid and I get teary everytime I hear it..

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I know this is very far from rap/hip hop, the song on my mind these last few weeks is Kenny Chesney's Better As a Memory.....I am going through a rocky divorce and as bad as it sounds, I wish my ex husband thought the lyrics Kenny sings, but he doesn't, but this song makes it easier on me to think maybe he (my ex) did.
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yeah that TI song is great to pump you up when you are feeling a bit weak.....I checked out the video for that Linkin Park song on youtube. Great song, amazing video...the video especially puts our situation in perspective. Thanks for the suggestion. Music has definitley been a huge part of my recovery too. Take care.
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I almost cannot believe I am seeing this post. It is too weird, I swear this very morning, I was driving into work and heard this song on the radio, and thought to myself that the words were very inspirational. The part where he says, "easy, let go and let god deal with it"..

So true, and such a good song.

Also, try listening to Linkin Parks "What Ive done". Its a great song and one that helped get me through my w.d. Music was a huge source of help and inspiration for me.

Hope you are well.

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