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You're Still Stuck on a Deserted Island

and you can save 5 CDs from your collection to keep...everything else goes to Davey Jones' locker...what would you
bring (you already grabbed your headphones)

1. Grateful Dead Winterland 12/31/78
2. Gratefeful Dead Winterland 11/21,22 and 23 1973
3  Jorma Kaukenon "waiting for a train"
4  Springsteen...god I don't know..boot leg of the last 2 shows I saw
5. Doc and Merle Watson...just about anything..

I hope somebody grabbed a stereo rig and a TV

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hmmmm, I need variety so ...
1. Best hits of the 80's
2. Best hits of the 70's
3 Best hits of the 60's
4. Best Hits of the 50's
5. Moon Dance Album by Van Morrison
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Okay, Jimmy.......Is this going to become a Mini-Series......lol...

1.  The led zepplin collection (who doesn't love Led Zep?
2.  Metallica Black Album (CD) best CD on Earth!! (w/earplugs in case jimmy show up.
3.  Phantom of the Opera 2 cd set (in case jakee shows up)lol
4.  A compilation Karaoke cd so I can keep the wild animals away!
5.  Journey's greatest hits.......

No Yawneeeee

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Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power
Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits
Guns & Roses - Appetite for Destruction
Metallica - Master of Puppets
Motley Crue - Shout at the Devil
Avatar universal
Mags.......that sooo cheating......lol
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to hell with head phones , I grabbed the speakers !!!

my stones mix
my doors mix
my 60's 70's rock mix
my kinks,bowie, and small faces mix
one of my modern mixes
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Dang it , whitie........90 years old and still mixin.....e--ee--e-eee  You are the man!
Avatar universal
Is Dwight Yoakum available.. ????

" I'm a THOUSAND miles from NOWHERE..."

Avatar universal
Muddy Wathers
BB King
Palo Nutrini
Johnny Cash ALL OF THEM
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its the only way to go, nauty !

that way if ya lose it, no biggie  :)
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Only Led Zep I ever liked was the first one (lot's o' memories there)...I'll listen to Metallica (don't give me that ear plug ****...well, except for the Karaoke part)


and remember..we're now going to a private Island.

Jim who will also listen to some AC/DC.
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1.  ACDC
2.  Judas Priest
3.  Kiss
4.  Leonard Skynard
5.  Motley Crue/Guns n Roses mix
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Stevie Ray Vaughan
The Guess Who
Three Dog Night
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Oh, who could forget SRV...I saw him a few weeks before he died...next to Springsteen the best show I've ever seen.  He played for nearly 3 hours and talked about getting clean..what a horrible loss.

We could have lost Eric Clapton too...

Avatar universal
Eric Clapton

(from the movie Phenomen) "CHANGE THE WORLD'

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