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almost $300 in Rxs, cant afford it for my sick kid =(

does anyone know how/where you can get Rx's for discount or free or anything like that? i took my 3 yr old to the dr. this morning and he has  a double ear infection, sinusitis and bronchiolitis with asthma symptoms! my poor baby has a fever and a cough that sounds so terrible. He gave us 2 rx's.  One for zithromax which was a 70$ antibiotic!!!! and the other pulmacort vials for nebulizer which would cost $220 !!! I am not kidding. I about crappped. Theres no way I can swing that, not even close.  THe office of course has no samples, and when i called them back to see if he could give him something else instead like perhaps oral prednisone/steroid, the stupid Dr. had already left for the 3 day weekend on a golf trip at noon today! so now Im stuck.  I do have albuterol for the neb that he has been using and the Dr says to continue those treatments 4x a day. I just wish i oculd get the other med filled too but theres no way. I talked to his dad about it and he says no he doesnt have the money and didnt think he needed it anyways @@.  So Im really PO'd. Im also sick as a dog too now. Sore throat, wheezing, hurting chest, chills, body aches and then i got all hot, sweaty, clammy and nauseaous this afternoon too. I havent felt this bad in years. So now I have to take care of 2 sick kids on top of being sick myself with some horrid virus.  I just wan t  to lay down and go to sleep all weekend long. Im exhausted,  havent slept or ate right in days.  ANd of course my 5 yr old is acting up now that he is back from school and taking out his week long school frustrations on everyone.   ugh i gotta go, i feel sick to my stomach agian!!
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I thought every state had free healthcare for kids ?   Is there a local health dept. or call the welfare dept. ?  Can your mom come and take care of you and the kids for a couple days ?  So sorry, I know I'm not much help.  Feel better soon.
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meijers will give amoxicillin for free in every state that there is a Meijers..and your state should have health care for your kids..Michigan has MiChild and Healthy Kids..all you have to do is apply for it. and I also received that for my children when there dad had a good job but no health care..
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You should apply for the health care from the state for your kids.Allaboutmary is right every state has free health care for kids,but in the meantime see if you can get the pharmacy to work with you.My son was an acute asthmatic when he was young,thank goodness he did outgrow it,but I can remember how expensive the medication was.My pharmacy worked with me and I was able to purchase half the prescription and then go back in a few weeks to get the other half.A lot of pharmacies will work with you like that,especially when it involves a child.If push comes to shove go to the ER,they have the medication there.Take care.
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Can you go to another doctor or the ER and tell them you cannot afford the meds your doctor recommended and ask them to treat him.  Perhaps they can give you an alternative that would work with Walmart's $4 per RX program?

Good luck!  You're in my prayers!
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All these are good ideas Utah, but some of them may take time to accomplish.  I recommend that you talk to whomever your pediatrician has "on-call" while he/she is away, and tell that person the story.  

There ARE alternatives to Zithromax for double ear infections and they do have generic alternatives.  You just need a good, broad-spectrum antibiotic.  (unless they actually did a culture and sensitivity test for the bacteria in the ear,  and only Zith would work....which I doubt they did.)  As for the inhaler....I'm not familiar with it, but again, you can ask for an alternative that has a generic equivalent.  You shouldn't worry that you are giving your child less than the best care....generics are usually just fine!   Talk to that covering doc and see what you can work out......so sorry to hear you're all sick......
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oops....I meant Ohio!
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you know ..i have been reading these posts for awhile..about where your husband will not provide the necessary things for your children including health care..have you ever thought about reporting him..this is child neglect..and he shouldn't get away with it..I would take the SOB to court in a heart beat..
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thanks everyone for your suggestions. Im so tired m y head is spinning. its 3 a.m. and been up with him for awhile now. had to give him another albuterol breathing treatment. and now we have..... *TADA* massive diarrhea from the 70$ antibiotics!! my poor baby. Everytime he coughs real hard, I have to change him. He is pottty trained but at night he wears night diapers. We've gone through 4 so far since he went to bed. ONly have 2 left. I sure hope we make it til a more decent hour of the morning before i have to run out and buy more. The poor kid. I still feel like crapp too. My legs feel like they each weigh 100 lbs and every step i take hurts and feels like Ive walked a million miles. I wonder if this is the FLU instead of just a cold.
btw Mary we are already staying at my moms and sisters house for 3 weeks now. I left the husband 3 saturdays ago now. Got sick of the abuse for good this time i guess. My mom and sister are sick too btw. My mom has it bad, Im afraid she is getting pneumonia again (she's had it several times over the years) and she is now almost 80 years old so Im really worried about her.  (and yes, she had me very late in life, in case youre doing the math,   lol )
well im gonna go lay down and read my book for awhile. i have my little son sleeping on the couch by me right now so i can listen to his breathign and just be near him. I'll write to you guys later today whenever i get the chance. xo xo  
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I'm so sorry your all so sick.  I am glad you left your husband. You should be able to get some aid, maybe some Medicaid/Medicare (I forget which)  without him in the picture. Thats the sad part .........that you can get more help from the government than from the kids father..  Hang in there and hope you all feel better soon.
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publix grocery store and walmart both have a long list of meds that they offer for like $5.00 each...antibiotics being one of them.  i know that you can go online to walmart's website and find a list of all the meds...not sure about publix and if you even have those where you live.
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I sure hope things get better for you! I am so proud of you that you took that big leap and left the a*****e!!! You and your kids deserve better!
I would definetly call the on call doctor and see if they can help and the Walmart $4 RX is a good idea also! Hope you all are feeling better soon!! I will be thinking of you! Dont forget to take caare of yourself also! Those two boys need their mommy!
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Most community Churches ahve funds specifically for this ...........
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write the pharm companies, most Big Pharma outfits put on some sort of PR dog and pony show for people who cannot afford their meds, after you show low income or some such.  I fecking hate hearing this sort of stuff, Purdue for instance knows full well that x% (and a big slice) of their sales comes from junkies abusing their meds (that's why they make those dilaudid tabs with inert binders that break down faster than ENO in a spoon) and yet they grift folks on the other end for stuff like antibiotics. grrrrr

I am a Canadian so am a bit ignorant here, but does your state have a pharmacare program for lower income situations?

I really hope that stuff works out for you, as I said, this stuff pisses me off.

bless ya  ray
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thanks again so much everyone. Good news here to report: My son is doing quite a bit better today, though not healed by any means.  He is wheezing less and has no fever. Im continuing the albuterol treatments 4x day and the antibiotic is a once a day only thing (guess its super potent and why its so expensive and has no generic alternative). Trust me i checked to make sure these meds werent on the 4 dollar list, or that they had an alternative drug to use instead.  THe other good news is, I talked to a friend of mine who lives in PA and she has some extra pulmacort she is going to send me!! her son has asthma but only uses the meds when he is sick with colds so she has a bunch leftover, and she gets hers for free since she is on medicaid! So she is sending them to me, they are already on the way right now. I know they wont get here til probably Tues or so, but since he is improving already so much without it anyways I think it will be fine. I will probably just keep them on hand for the next time he gets sick like this. I have a feeling this will be a long, sickly winter here. My 5 year old has caught so many colds since he started kindergarten already, and then passes it to my 3 yr old (and me too, lol) and my little one seems to get it worse in the chest. So it will be nice to have this on hand for the future if he needs it. My friend is so sweet to do this for us! Im so gratefuL!

as for the situation in general, I am going to try once again to get health care for my kids through medicaid but not sure I will get it, even though I have no income. Actually, thats my problem, they WANT PROOF of income in order to process the application and assess things and since I dont work currently, I have no papers to show them. Its a catch 22. I am plannign on using my Ebay profits to show next time, but that wont be able to be proved until next year when I file it for taxes. So it will be a few months. They want an income tax form as proof if you dont have a regular job with paystubs to currently show them.  I may try to meet with a social worker again next week and see if they can somehow do it sooner though without the tax return. Maybe if i can print out my ebay info and show that, but Im not sure that is "legal enough" for their liking.  
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Ohio you are now not living with hubby go apply again let them no you have no income and hubby does not have ins .
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