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any translators out there??

im getting a tattoo of my family clan badge,it says "spem successus alit" and it is latin for "success brings hope"...but i have been trying to find the scottish gaelic version instead of the latin...any ideas of how to find it?? ive been all over the net and i just keep getting the same thing...thanks..
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Lostdreams is Scottish.I'm sure if she sees this she will help you out,or you could send her a pm.
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Why don't you ask to Kim (ScotJoanOfArk) or James her husband (Stilltrying)? They're in Edinburgh. And I know Kim speak Scottish, she sent me a pm in Scottish a while ago, I couldn't understand a word, she had put the translation w/it fortunately! lol. xxx. sophie.
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Soirbh = success
Dóchas = hope/confidence
If i am correct...this is the translation for success and hope, not many people use gaelic these days, but i will try and get the full translation for you asap.
Using it in context is a little trickier, as it can be translated into different ways.

Like i said, i will try find out the whole saying for you.
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A lil bit o useless information for ya...
We (me, Kim and James) use what is known as 'Doric', its a language that has evolved itself over the years and usually people in the North East of Scotland use it. It is the language i use and going by Kim and James's messages...it is what they use too. lol

We say things like:
Fit like iday en?? Which means 'How are you today?' lol
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Soirbh = success
Thoir = bring
Dóchas = hope/confidence

Sorry it took me so long to get that last word, i had to ask a few people at work, however putting all the words together may not mean what you want it too. The language is very difficult when putting the words together...if you know what i mean.
(i.e.Soirbh thoir Dócha)  may not necessarily mean 'Success brings hope' when put together even though they are the words for them. (ok, maybe i am confusing ya now, cause i sure am confusing myself....but thats not difficult to do! lol)

I will try and find out for you.....
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thank you so much!!! but i got it wrong...its supposed to be "success NOURISHES hope...duh...clan name is ross,thank you for spending time on that for me!!
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