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now i remeber why i did drugs...i was never bored...always had somewhere or something to do...now that i am trying to become "normal" again....boredom has set in...i dunno....maybe its just the "crashing" of all that i have been doing the last 9 months...."normalcy" is but a reach away...as soon as i gain some weight so i dont scare ppl into hysterics...but until then...B O R E D! out of my feeble mind....thats about it for this moment in time....thanks for reading....peace..

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correction on spelling "remeber" is actually "remember"...duh.
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Hang in there I dont know the feeling but I get bored all the time lol
Maybe you could get into something fun and keep your mind off things me I play xbox 360 halo and nascar seems to do the trick
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