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confused and sad*

My question is I've been addicted to pain killers for about 10 to 15 yrs. I"m not feeling sorry for myself I realize I've done this to myself. I WANT to get clean and be able to feel again not just go though the motions. Last week I ask my hubby to take my pills and only leave me so many because I can't do it by myself I was abusing them so bad. I just feel so alone intil I start reading all your posts.I'm praying I can keep cutting back so I can handle the wd I try going cold turkey before and I was'nt strong enough or I just did'nt have my mind set. I need your help!!
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Im here to listen. im in the same boat so i doubt i can help. ive been clean for 7 months before i did it by cutting  the supply n clonidine n alot of support from my fam. this time they dont no. id be such a failure i no it in there eyes....i cant stand it anymore. i wish i could get over being scared to just do it!
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Honey  I responded to your other post         look at the top of the page and repost on the
"Substance Abuse Addiction Community"   there a lot of people with the same stuggle you are dealing with.......  this is the social side  so a bit more light hearted.

It is a bit late   but  there will be more people on soon that will be here to help you,  as I shared with you on my other reply to your post, I am the mom of an addict  so I truly cant say I know what you are feeling.  Lord knows I lived it long enough  I think I can  but in reality I know that is not possible.    Please try the other side hun  and if I can hlep you in anyway please let me know.      My thoughts are for you,  Jeanette

You are reaching out for help,  please know how brave that is to do so  and be proud of this step you have taken!!
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