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what would happen i wonder, if disaster struck our world in a big way. like terrorist attack or natural disaster. something that cut off all our pill supply. would those who are still using be able to be of any help? we tend to put our lives and our world on hold while we keep our disease fed. what if the world put us on hold? sorry for getting philosophical but the big picture is......well...big. and scary. just some food for thought from someone on sub. peace, sway
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I've often thought about the possibilty of  total collapse of what we know.  I take meds. that I need for my health. What would happen to those who count on getting their meds?  The possibilty is real.
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thanks for replying. i honestly thought more would. peace, sway
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I think people shy away from philosophical questions like this as there are no answers,and we don't want to be confronted with the possibility of something like this happening,I for one don't know how I'd cope as I'm on anti-depressants for panic attacks,anxiety and depression and I'm also on blood pressure medication without this medication my blood pressure has reached as high as 210/150 who knows what would happen?
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