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drugs and music

I would like to know if anyone else here starts to crave because i know a lot of us put music on to relax but what happens when the song is about drugs or taking drugs there are so many songs out there like that to name one its simply called heroin by lou reid that seems to glorify drugs i just wondered if effected you or is it just me and may be it could start us to crave i try not to listen to them but as iv said there are so many what do you do if a song comes on ? James
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If the songs are reminding you of drugs turn the radio off .Dicuss the fact that its giving you cravings with kim .James try to find some kind of hobby or something you can do to get your mind off of the drugs .You are spending alot of the time thinking about your cravings .It is not  healthy and it makes it really hard on you .We all choose diffrent things for me when the cravings got really bad I would go walking and I loved going bike riding .That might not be the right fit for you but try too find something .Maybe somthing you and kim can do together ?? Think about it and see what you can come up with ..Even if it the two of you sitting down and playing card games with a deck of cards .Anything that will help get your mind of the drugs .

:) xxxoooxxx avis
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Yea a know you are write about me thinking about drugs i try so hard not too a hobby well a love taking my dog jock for a walk but some other hobbies would be good its may because Kim is out and keeps busy and I'm in the house by myself quite often that's when i think most about drugs but in a positive way like how to keep away from old friends why i stopped taking drugs for me and my family but do tend to think more about them when  I'm in on my own probably that's when I'm at my weakest but my councilor and those meetings will make me talk more instead of thinking about drugs it must be better to talk about  drugs and cravings too James
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Oh...my ...goodness!

I was just thinking the same thing 5 minutes ago.

EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I would play "Wake Up" by The Arcade Fire while dosing. It got to the point where I knew exactly at the 0:50 mark I'd start feeling the Oxycontin coursing through my veins, and by the 2:15 mark I'd get high. I did this literally 300 times, at least.

Since I got clean, I promptly deleted that song from my iPhone -- it's a heavy, HEAVY trigger for me. It's my Getting High song.
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Hi James I am a music buff and some songs remind me of drugs but I have found a bunch that I call recovery songs. One of my very favorites is Im still standing by Elton John in fact I have a burned cd that is simply called beccas recovery songs. I have wondered more than once if other people have recovery songs as I am always looking for new ones. You have any?  List them here and I will compile a list .
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Totally agree with Becca...
I have turned each and every "drug" song into a "recovery" song.
There are so many out there...all you have to do is change the way you think....perception, perception, perception....(:
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Good advice...I need to adopt that attitude. Music has been a hard road for me so far...
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I done the same as some above and tried to change the meaning of some songs but some of them it doesnt work with so i dont listen to them if i can.
Some songs i listen to becca are

1. The drugs dont work. The Verve
2 Hotel California. The Eagles  (its about heroin but its about being trapped there so it puts me off.
3 Dont let the sun go down on me  Elton John
4 Everybody hurts and losing my religion  REM

Its really hard to think of them right away but ill write them down as i think of them and ill go through my collection and post some on this thread or ill pm them to you. If you or anyone else has any songs let me know and ill burn a disc with them too. Thanks James
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Satan created drugs and some music to keep us off our path that God has chosen for us.Who really wants to be on the highway to hell(eternal damnation and seperation from all other beings)Music influences our minds and hearts and the times we live in proves that it is damaging to listen to music filled with hate,drugs, sex with someone you're not married to,the devil is a charmer making you think how cool and hip it is. You are responsible for  what materials you let into your eyes & ears as well as your childrens eyes & ears .you wouldn't feed them arsenic,its the same thing. what do I tell my 2 little boys when they see Adam Lambert kissing another man on TV,that its ok,not according to Gods word,People want their freedoms like there are no consequences .People have to be so politically correct. People actually don't believe in God. We live on a round Earth rotating in space at over 1,000mph, orbiting a single sun with a single moon/ Theres one God and one son that He sent to this Earth to prove that through His Spirit We can overcome anything .Accept Jesus as your savior and you will be delivered from drugs and any other obstacle /refer to John3:16
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one of my favorites is down by the river by neil young.....down by the river...i shot my baby...dead...shot her dead (Drugs).....maria
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Good recovery songs/Jeremy Camp-One day at a Time
                               Jeremy Camp- I'll Take You Back  
                               Third Day- revelation  
                               Casting crowns-Who am I
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Ok good James I will get my list together and post or pm them to you . Give me a few days I am excited to swap lists with any one who wants to contribute. Hooray I like these kind of recovery  projects! Does this forum have anything to do with sexual preferances?
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Seether has a good song  "Rise Above This"   Check it out.  Turn it up and rip off the knobs...........sara
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