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**dumb Question**

Ok, so there is a State Farm Insurance Co. commercial.  Were this woman gets a singing telegram from ?  anyway, this really scary looking guy w/band starts singing the song Roseanna.......Is that the real Group?  Nobody is really sure ......it sounds like the guy, and we can't remember the name of the band that sang the song either.  I would think it would have to be them, but this guy.......looks old and scary?

just one of those little nagging things.  I've been wondering for months and hadn't seen the commerical for a while till   this morning again and it opened up again.  .......

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the band who did rosanna was ToTo.  That's one of those really dumb trivia questions that I have no idea why I know the answer to!  I've never seen the commercial, but here's a link to the picture of the band...


Lol, maybe that helps.  

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todo<-- (sp) was the band they should be really old by now.
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Dannng girl......I was hoping it would.  I looked at the pic and I can't tell......I don't know if the commercial is making fun of them or ? Its weird  the voice sounds like them>>>toto did have a distinctive sound the few songs they made LOL

now its really bugging me>>>>>maybe i will google toto and state farm?

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ok.....I googled it and it was toto....and i am glad to see that I was not the only one baffled by this bizarre commercial.  Now I can sleep at night.  I guess I should know better to google first post later.......lol.

There was a entire message board regarding this commercial and very negative, peeps where in an uproar.......poor Toto.......they were pathetic in this.....Rosanna was a good song......a classic.

who cares?
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