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Whats everyone doing to beat the heat?
Im all for meeting almosthappy for a midnight dip!
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You might as well call this East vs. West.

Because the West Coast is loving every minute of Global Warming at it's finest!
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yeah yeah yeah I know lol
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you can rub the vicks vapor rub on my chest coz I'm getting a cold over here... LMAO
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that I would not recomend-maybe biofreeze
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sitting in the bay or going to my parent pool
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Where I live, there is NO beating this heat!!! It has been 100+ degrees for 70-something days in a row with not a drop of rain! Even my air-conditioner needs an air-conditioner!
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yuck yuck-no fun-I will stop complaining now bout our heat lol
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LMAO... over here in California... our degrees needs a THIRD digit... lol
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Yea, yea......rub it in! Lol
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I'll trade you guys my electric my fans for some sweaters and bed sheets lol
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yeah hes good at reminding people how perfect is weather is lol
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I have a pink cashmere sweater that would look FABULOUS on you!
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who cares?? I'll be sleeping in it anyways! SCORE!!
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Water...........Get in the water.  
Rafting for me.  Rafted the river with kids yesterday. It was 103* in Ideeeeeeeeho.  Today was 98.  But we get to enjoy 85 tomorrow. Good Lawn Mowing Weather.  Yippee.
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I think we all need to go for a late night dip and then stay there until October. Then we can all go to Cleans house and cuddle to stay warm cause u know this winter is going to be hell.
Better stock up on the hot chocolate now Clean!!
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