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how do we let people go

My ? Is how do we let people go. When I was using my mind was so foggy that a lot didn't get to me. Now I'm seeing life for what it is. I know we can't control others but I'm having a hard time letting go of people we come to meet and go a friendship with and the next day their gone. I'm so worried for her.  I would make a trip if I knew where to go. So how do you stop worrying and stop thinking the worst has happened. I pray all is well sorry for going off.
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Any suggestion would be great
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this is hard. It happened to me alot when i first come here. you can not let this beat you down. All you can do is pray for them. The thing is, alot of them end up coming back. Also alot of people are only here through the first few days of recovery, and after that they go away and go about their life. I wish everyone stayied on here forever but they dont.
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U r right this is hard. I really just what u said happens thxs buddy
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I also agree this is hard and I totally understand this is happening to me w/2 people right now an *****...
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lee u said it right bro im a perfect example of that but im looking forward to my journey with all u guys
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This whole process is a lifelong effort.....most that show up here dont know that yet - - its not just a step - most of us think that all we do is stop taking the narcotics for a few days, get sick a time or two, and then its all over. Nothing could be further from the truth. It never goes away from this point - but it does down regulate and it gets mighty quiet about demanding drugs still.  But that doesnt mean that the effort to not use may be forgotten. That may never happen, or you will be toast faster than you can even think about it. Its great to have friends - and I have made some over the two years that I have been here that are as close of a friend as I could even imagine. And I havent ever been anywhere that people I could relate to and actually understand - they also understood me better than anyone ever has before - -  and thats an unusual one for me!!  Everyone is in this together - but we are all at different places in the struggle.......the same thing holds true for quiting....... imagine your friend made a huge breakthrough and is more successful in quiting than either of you ever even dreamed about!  And is enjoying the sober life as we type........
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I really hope so.
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