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is it my cpu or do my posts sometimes disappear?

I just posted an update and was chatting with a few peep but now the thread seems to be gone. There was no content that would break the rules and this is like the third time this has happened.....
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Hi... just "seen you" chatting on the social forum ;)
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Go to the "addiction social forum"..
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So I posted the thread somewhere else? I didnt even know there was another place to post!
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found it DOH! LOL.....
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No.  It was moved by MH.  Scroll up and click on the social forum...
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We did move your thread to social.  Please check your email acct that you gave when you joined.  You should have a notice about the move there.

I'm also moving this to social.

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Also it helps to help to stick to one thread when talking about your use when you right multiple ones if confuses the members
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