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just checking in

Its been a while im alive almost kicking working my butt off, 70 plus hrs a week, still have the MRSA been in the horsepital, this weekend, got some not so good news but will live awhile longer, got to changes jobs not able to phsicaly do the work now. I still love and think of you all, I dont have a pc anylonger so i cant check in very much, but i do try and stay in touch via text and hope you all have been getting any news i have sent. SKYNRD has a new single out STILL UNBROKEN that could be my new theme song, cuz i still aint broken, to all my friends stay clean and hopefull and happy, and yes im still clean Aaron aka outotown
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Sorry to read you are still dealing with the MRSA !! and that you spent your weekend in the Hospital. but glad you will be changing jobs.. I hope you find one that is a lil closer to home and one that is a lil easier on your back.. I'm so Happy you are able to get on occasionally and so appreciate your text as I think of you and yours often. sending love and positive energy your way Aaron MY Gentleman Friend.. love ya lesa
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Now I am certain that you are following me somehow!!  I just got cleared from a shot of MRSA myself......quite nasty stuff. Took me two 14 days and one 7 day shot of antibiotics to finally get on top of the stuff........had it on the outside edge of right hand.....needed to be whacked open and the abscess drained - - - and THAT hurt!  Starting to feel like a big baby whining and complaining to all the Ladies on the forum for a little sympathy!  But these are some premium ladies and I did get some sympathy!   Some guys will do anything for a little attention..............take care, Aaron.......I need to get you my email if you are computerless for while.......eagle
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Hey Eagle....You still get my sympathy lol. If he doesn't have a computer he can't use his email lol. Love you, Corey
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So glad to hear from you my friend...
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Hey Cookie !!!

Good to hear from you!!  Please keep in touch whenever you can, okay?......Make sure you keep a handle on those "crotch critters"  they can multiply and you may lose the whole package.......lol.  

Be good to yourself, sweetie.

Luv & Hugs
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OMH Aaron when will it stop???
Please take care and find a jot shot dr that can help you with that MRSA, it's been going on for too long now...
Take the time to heal, allow your self to heal.... ya know what I'm talking about....
I miss you soooooo much my fav hillbilly. Love youuuu!
xoxoxo. Sophie.
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