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Hi sweetie,
You are such a nice person. Thanks for your reply it meant alot . I can tell you are a sweet and caring friend ! I thought id post something to you since i havent really been keeping up with everything how are you doing and refresh my memory alittle on your history like what your taking or were taking and how long etc im not trying to sound rude i know you and everything lol but with everything going on latley i never have time to read thru the forum and i forget stuff it sounds stupid but ever since i have been clean i seem more forgetful than before maybe it is just in my head who knows anymore right LOL anyways lots of love to you ~Chros
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I'm the one that has been on suboxone since last may and recently f---ed up.From Minnesota 53 and has the son in the Navy. Remember me now. Am friends with Tim Shelby and hope.
216339 tn?1197055114
Okay that is kinda what i thought but wanted to be sure as i said everything is fu*ked up in life right now i hope i didnt offend you by asking that i remembered you just not the details~Lots of luv ur way~Chros
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No sweetie, it takes a whole lot more to offend me. lol
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Well, hmm.......I guess I'm gonna have to try a lot harder......lol.  I hope you had a great weekend.

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