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my 4 year old talks to something??? i wanna know what??

When my son was 2 year old we moved into an apartment he started talking to himself I would ask him who he's talking to he would say Mike and I thought he missed his uncle Mike but one day when uncle Mike was over my son was doing karate moves when I asked him what he was doing he said he's was practicing beating up bad guys so he can get the guys who hurt Mike and I said who uncle Mike he said No Mike and pointed to the sofa where nobody was sitting and I said what does Mike look like he said he's black,  tall and a good guy like Batman.  My sons 4 now and Mike hasn't changed or hurt him my husband swares it's a imaginary friend but I've caught my one year old daughter talking to him
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Both my sisters often used to wake up in the middle of the night and my mum would hear one of them talking to my grandmother and grandad. They would say they were sitting at the end of the bed and explain what they looked like and their names, my sisters had never met them, they died before i was born.
My sister would tell me the lights woke her up and she explained the lights were little balls, all different colours floating around her room. My sisters were 2 when they first started seeing things.
I used to see the lights too.
My aunt had a very bad tempered boy who was trying to get her out of her house. The boy was deceased.
My niece used to talk to her deceased father who died of aids. He would sit at the end of her bed and wake her up.
The thing is, weather people believe or not, unusual things do happen that we cant explain and sometimes we just need to go with it.
Its harmless enough.
And if it is an imaginary friend, and your daughters copying your son, again its harmless.
If its something else, it surely is a good thing. I can only suggest its his guardian angel !!!
Try not to think about it too much.
He will be fine : )
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I am just afraid it's a demon because he describes it as a big black man and someone said it's demons who are black but then someone else told me it was angels. I know my son actually came to me and told me he seen my pop pop who died when I was 8 and my great grandmother and his uncle who commented suicide on his death anniversary so maybe he's special it just freaks me out!
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No, if its a demon its a poltergueist who moves stuff and throws stuff around to scare people and taunt them.
Angels and ghosts sit beside their chosen person never leaving their side.
If your boy is talking to something, it not a demon. A demon would not go to a child.
If your boy feels relaxed and no terrible feeling around him when he sees this person, its definantly an angel or ghost ( loved one who passed ).
I promise you, its not evil.
Just because his friend is dark color does not mean  its a demon at all.
He will be ok : )
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Thank that does put my mind at ease and son feels safe with him so I guess that's good
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Good im glad. Just PM me if u ever want to talk more about it more privately.
Dont be afraid with whats going on.
Its a blessing whats happening, he just has someone watching over him thats all. : )
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