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old TV shows you miss? Come on Everyone play along =)

what are some of your old favorite tv shows you loved to see that are no longer on (or only in re-runs somewhere)?

Little House on The Prairie
Gilligans Island
Lost In Space does anyone remember that one? LOL I always liked Dr. Smith for his use of words, lol

i know theres lots more but Im drawing a blank right now (it also doesnt help that im sitting here horking down half a pizza at the moment lol) Anyways thought it'd be fun to see what other shows you all list here!
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You forgot the most important one........Mr. Ed!!!

Flying Nun
Captain Kangaroo
Red Skelton
Ed Sullivan Show
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oh another one i forgot to list

THE MUNSTERS!!!! I loved that show!!!
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The Waltons. I loved that show!!!
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Here's a few:

Barney Miller
All in the Family
Welcome Back, Kotter

There was a spin-off of Barney Miller--but at the moment I can't really remember the name.  Oh, well....................  :))
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Barney Miller
(a real rariity.."Temperatures Rising" witch Clleavon Little..Unfortunately he died in the first year)
We watch a lot of TV Land and get a lot of the oldies, though they keep moving them around..I love Sunday afternoons as they have a Gunsmoke and Bonanza marathon..

St Elsewhere (best show ever put on TV)

A lot of these oldies can be found on various cable networks with a little bit of hunting..I love old TV so much more than the swill that's on currently

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i keep remembering mine in spurts here LOL

Family Ties
Three's Company
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Miami Vice,Three stooges, Air Wolf & I'am sure there are others, Just cant think of them at the moment.
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How about Gilligans Island, or
The Beverly Hillbillys.

Does anyone remember the name of the Robot on Lost in Space?
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Judgeing Amy
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Mayberry RFD  Leave it to Beaver Big Valley The Rifle Man and Bonaza... Not that I like Westerns :) I don't remember the Robots name but I remember Glup the space monkey..
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dark shadows
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China Beach
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New Zoo Review......going way back now to when I was a little girl and H.R. Puffenstuff.....Now that I have grankids that watch Barney and Sponge Bob all day,it reminds me of the shows I use to love when I was Little..I still remember the theme songs too!!!!!!!
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Family Affair........Mrs Beasley!!!!!

Petticoat Junction
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Oh how could I forget Mrs.Beasley??!!!  Now I have the Petticoat Junction theme song stuck in my head.LOL   What about Green Acres??? Is that what it was called?
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The Real McCoys!
Northern Exposure
Nash Bridges
Dobie Gillis
Sonny & Cher Show

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What about The Love Boat and Fantasy Island?
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Seinfeld but I record all the re-runs
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I miss Starsky & Hutch and Baretta.  I also miss Gilligan's Island, Brady Bunch and the show about the little people - can't remember the name.  I also miss Charlie's Angels.  Hawaii Five O.  WOW - I'm dating myself!  LOL!!!!
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Seinfeld...I have the first 5 years or so on DVD (and a gazillion recordings on VHS somewhere but I don't have a VCR anymore..after the 5-6th year it seemed to get less and less funny...the "edge" that it had was getting "dull"....but I still watched.

My absolute (well, one of my absolute) favorite was "The other side" when george took over for Sid parking cars in the neighborhood and Elaine's new beau had a heart attack..insanity in that one.

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Oh, and I forgot "Cheers" was one of my very favorite shows.  Also, the one with Michael J. Fox, can't remember the name!  Hmmmm.
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I'm with chichi, I miss Seinfeld. watched the reruns SO many times, I miss Cheers, the one with Michael J Fox HelpinUtah was Growing Pains right? Alan Thicke too :) I miss that one too, it was always a good show!!
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ohh, I really liked The Hogan Family too, and then Valerie was a spinoff I believe....
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I think the one with Michael J Fox was Family Ties wasnt it??
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