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should i have a sober birthday party?
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my real birthday, guys
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have you ever had one sober b-day party ?

if not, then yeah, sure, do make a difference this year :)

btw, very happy birthday, drifter !!
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thank you and yes i have
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I don't understand what sober b-day party means? Explain? Are you just celebrating your b-day and not drinking or getting high?
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I say go for the sober party!  

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Im with Lisa what do u mean by sober?
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Happy Birthday!  Definitely, go with the sober birthday party!  It'll be a blast!!!  Have fun!!!!
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Which will you feel better about?  I don't necessarily mean which one will be more fun.  I mean which one, when you look back on it in the future, will you feel like you made a good decision?
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no booze & drugs
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I think it's a great idea! In my opinion it's kind of lame that people think or feel that they need booze or drugs to celebrate or have a good time. I would be thrilled if I could find enough sober people in my life to even have a party! Happy birthday to you drifter0213!
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All birthday parties are somber! Especially at my age! Oh! you said sober!  Definately!

Happy Birthday!
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HELL YES!!!  In my opinion, sober celebrations are actually more fun in some ways. For my bachelorette party (before my pill days) a couple years ago, I had quit drinking like 2 yrs before that (yes had MAJOR issues with alcohol too) and I had more fun that night, than almost any other celebration.........and I remembered all of it!
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Have a Happy Birthday ( what ever you decide)!
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