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praise GOD

i have quit the opiates without withdrawls,JESUS deliverd me from hell,i just had to trust him,no rehab,praise HIS MIGHTY AND HOLY NAME,i am so gratefull
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I would also recommend an aftercare program.
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I got off opiates too after 8 years. I tapered and suffered some but not nearly as much as I thought I would.. I had no detox or aftercare or methadone or suboxone.. I too give it all up to God, Jesus and Mother Mary.. I kid you all, not!

Don't try this without God's help which should come to you before you do this.. That's how it happened to me..

Is this how it happened to you tex? By the way I've been off them now for 7 weeks, never looked back.. just looking forward now thanks to God.
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How does this all happen
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Just please keep your guard up.  Addiction is sly and cunning and it will grab you when you least expect it.........sara
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the devil is a roaring lion seeking who he may devour, i'm 13 days clean and already feeling good again of course not getting more than 3-5 hours of sleep but through the lord alone he pulled me out of a hardcore 8 year addiction as well, I was very depressed day 9 cryed i my closet all day and started to say were is god were is he.....that night i got some sleep finally and day 10 i relized he was there in each day thats how I ended up here....I'm actully been out to the movies the amusment park been excersizing and feeling great, I give god all the glory. I was up 9 days straight and finnaly commited to god i'd read the bible till i fell asleep, and he gave it to me what a kind and merciful god we have. i'v been reading out of the book of proverbs and it's crazy how it seems to be talking right at me, the word is a seed and if watered each day grows quickly in your heart it will change you. The joy of the lord is my strength even on day 13 only got 2 hour of sleep but im showered im gonna go get my nails done and run around a bit, normally i'd feel like crap with that amount of sleep and yes although my eyes may be a little blood shot i may feel a little weekr I'm still enjoying my day and keeping busy and excerzing The lord is my strengh. I owe it all to him glory to god forever and ever
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