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hi ive been in the dumps since i quit. so my doctor prescribed prozac but im scared because off my addiction i screwed my brain to the point where it will not work or work wrong.if your on this please help me
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I have never been on prozac, but I have been on alot of other anti-deoressants Im on Cymbalta and you can have w/ds from Cymbalta and any anti=depressant needs to be taperd and only a very few I mean very few have w/ds!! Me im lucky I among the few the dumb and depressed, so I have w/ds from SOME anti-depressants but im not screwed up like I was. Most people are using or abusing pain meds or something to cover up a much deeper problem. Yours may have already been there only your DOC was covering it up. But some will go into depression after they get clean.
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I've tried Prozac for a while, didn't work for me. No SSRI's are BTW.
I stopped it after a VERY short taper, a month or so, no wd's whatsoever. but that's me! All the best. xxx. sophie.
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cybalta was just too strong for me, it wired me like i was on cocaine, but i know several peopel who i respect that do well on cymbalta
all people respond different when they start taking psyc meds., it can become a roller coaster ride finding the right medication
i took paxil in the 7th grade, hated it! when i became an adult i learned that all ssri's made me feel depressed, and out of control, also lost my sex drive on them, but when i was prescribed them as a teen i was just to young to make the connection
i also know a ton of people who take prozac and it really helps them, prozac is like the fisrt defense when it comes to treating mental illness, shrinks usually start with an ssri and if that doesnt work they add a mood stabilizer, then move onto anti-p's
i know for me, when i take ssri's they make me feel as if i am detoxing off opiates, so i hope these pills are not exagerating your detox, after some time you will be able to look back and see what was a symtom of the detox vs taking the prozac, i can promise you that your brain will go back to normal, its a rule of thumb that people with an addiction get their marbles back when they are 5 yrs clean, so it may take sometime, so hang in there and be in it for the long haul!!!
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