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sad about this community; anyone else?

i was a member of this site 10-11 years ago and used this and the other addiction forum as a way to cope during my withdrawal period. people would post all day, every day on here. now i see it's not as active.

did something happen where people left? i don't know why this makes me so sad, but it does.
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I think that some of the change comes from the increase in popularity in other social-media forums -- ten or eleven years ago, sites like this were about all anyone had for friendly chatting around a common topic. Not so today. Also, Google has changed its search algorithms a few times and it sometimes has caused MedHelp to drop back from the first page of search answers to further back. Most people only click if they see something on the first Google page, or maybe the second.
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Good point. I suppose even after all these years, I choose anonymity over other social media platforms where my picture and other personal information is shown for those to see. Just sad to see the forum succumb to the times given what a fierce help it was to me during the most troublesome period of my life.

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